Board Meeting: October 13, 2016


Board of Horizons K-8 School

Date: October 13, 2016


Facilitators:   John McCluskey and Andrea Foote

Timekeeper:  Kelly Garrison

Process Observer:   Jill Siegel-Stone

Welcome and C C C (Cares, Concerns, Celebrations):  

Make A Difference (MAD) Classes are underway, many are multi-grade/age, kids are working well together. One Tuesday throughout the year all of the MAD classes will regather and continue the work.

Call to Order: Frank Bruno, John McCluskey, Anne Hudson, Jill, Siegel-Stone, Andrea Foote, Beth Coleman, Jim Freund, Kelly Garrison, Adam Brink

Approval of minutes:

The Board reviewed and discussed the September 2016.

M & S: Motion to approve the September 2016 minutes. Motion approved.

Principal’s Report

Finance Review Updates

Another parent has joined the committee, Paul Ramer. The committee discussed the big picture for the year, and reviewed ways to be efficient with time (specific set of questions for review each month, looking for variations in budget).

  • Fundraising goal for this year: $108,000. This number was determined considering that there will not be an auction.
  • Audit update – second year with Clifton, Larson, and Allen. Staff and Former Treasurer have been questioned regarding processes in place, as well as review of how furniture purchase should show in Budget.
  • Budget revision process – not a lot to report as last Board meeting was two weeks prior to October Board meeting.

Development Committee Update

  • Longview Fund Update – November 3rd dinner at Black Cat planned for 30 invitations, discussing the Longview Fund.
  • Moolah Campaign Update -this is the current priority for the Development Committee
  • Technology Committee Update – The committee discussed the vision and what it is responsible for. Lauren discussed what the budget is now, what worked in the past and what has not worked. Next discussion is around what is needed in the future, considering how technology is being used currently across grades. Future meetings will be more planning oriented. The budget for this committee is $2,000 for software and $10,000 in hardware.

Old Business

  • Function of the Board statement – John reviewed the document “Horizons K-8 Board/Job Descriptions/Bylaws” for review of any suggested changes. No changes were made.

New Business

  • Understanding our Reserves – John reviewed the document ‘Understanding our Reserves’.

Colorado School Finance Project


  • Action Items –

November Board meeting will include Budget update, September Actuals, and Audit information.

  • Process Observer comments –

Lightheartedness, laughter, welcoming, timely. Structure of meeting was organized, flow was good. A lot of enthusiasm, participation, attentiveness and inclusion.

  • Next meeting is Thursday, November 10th
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