Board Meeting: November 12, 2015

Board of Horizons K-8 School
Date: November 12, 2015

Facilitators, Co-Chairs: John and Andrea
Time Keeper: Andrea
Location and Time: Horizons K-8 Conference Room, 6:00pm

Call to Order:
John McCluskey, Orion Poplawski, Jim Freund, Ron Wawrzynek, Nel Woller, Andrea Foote, Nicole Houser, Shannon Hassan, Peter Hegelbach, Kevin Holst, Nel Woller, Beth Coleman, Sarah Gutierrez, Joan Truesdale

Board Discussion:
The Board began with a welcome and introductions.

Approval of Minutes:
A correction was made to October 2015 minutes: the spelling of Paraeducator Kristopher Doyon’s name was corrected (Doyan to Doyon)
M & S: Motion to approve the October Minutes. Motion Seconded

Committee Reports:

Finance Review Committee
The board reviewed the document ‘14-’15 Fund 11 Budget Summary.
In discussion of the Fund 11 Budget Summary:
Action Item: Sarah, Ron, Joan and John will meet to discuss the final budget numbers prior to approving the budget. Discussion and approval will move to December, 2015 Meeting.

Development Committee
The development committee has been meeting bi-monthly.
Shannon has proposed the auction position be a paid and posted position. She is asking for a stipend of $5k to pay to coordinators to plan the auction. The funds would be from Council budget, and this proposal should be made to the Council.

M & S: Motion to recommend a paid development position to Council. Motion approved

Technology Committee
The committee met on October 12. School has about $2k to spend on technology, with an option to spend up to 10k. A survey is going out to the faculty to determine how to use the funds for long term planning.

Summer Camp Committee
The Summer camp committee met on November 9th. We are looking for a camp director internally within staff, and Xandra C. has expressed an interest. Compensation will come from summer camp revenues. The Board considered the issue of compensation for approval. The Board would like to see a business plan for the camp with projected revenues.
Action Item: John will discuss Summer Camp 2016 – call for proposed camps at staff Meeting
Action Item: Anne will work on business model for camp with Ron

Faculty Committee
The Faculty committee has met twice since the last Board meeting. A Tosa feedback tool is in process. There is also a recommendation for Principal feedback, including full BVSD rubric. There needs to be clarity on timelines for feedback.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee met to discuss process need to develop procedures for reviews, conflict mediation.
Action item: The faculty board will delineate the work for a document for procedure on conflict mediation and review procedure and present to Faculty. The Executive Committee will report on the issue back to the Board in February, 2015.

Old Business:

The Board Job Descriptions were updated and some additions were made. The Board reviewed the document and offered suggestions for changes.

Action item: Anne and John will revise suggested roles for Treasurer per Ron’s suggestions, and other suggested revisions.

Board Goals for 2015-2016 were discussed. The Board did a brainstorming SWOT analysis to prepare to state goals.
Action item: Andrea and John will review the SWOT exercise and bring back to the Board

New Business:
Elizabeth will not be returning to the school to teach this academic year. The hiring committee for the long term substitute will meet again, the general recommendation will be to keep the long term substitute through the end of the school year.
Sally and Nel will be retiring at the end of this school year, and those positions will be open for re-hiring.
Board photos next month.

The next Board meeting will be December 10, 2016
The Board Adjourned at 8:17 pm

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