Board Meeting: May 12, 2016

Board of Horizons K-8 School
Date: May 12, 2016

Facilitators, Co-Chairs: John and Andrea
Time Keeper : Jim
Location and Time : Horizons K-8 Conference Room, 6:00pm
Process Observer: Elizabeth Coleman
Call to Order :
John McCluskey, Orion Poplawski, Nel Woller, Andrea Foote, Kevin Holst, Nichole Houser,
Anne Hudson, Shannon Hassan, Peter Hegelbach, Beth Coleman, Jim Freund, Ron
Welcome C,C,C’s
Aperture night was excellent, with considerable reflection around the year long process. There
is a 4th grade student Anya Hoth who is undergoing treatment for the rupture of some blood
vessels in her brain. Thoughts and prayers are with this student. The 3/4 team has been
working with the kids on the topic. The garden project is moving along, with most materials
arriving for the May 14 work day.
Approval of minutes: April 16, 2016
The Board reviewed and discussed the April 16, 2016 minutes.
M & S: Motion to approve the April 16, 2016 minutes. Motion approved.
Principal’s Report
John discussed the request for parents to update their information in the Infinite Campus parent
portal. The school would like to have contact information up to date for all families in the event
of a need for emergency communication.
Finance Review:
○ FY 16 Budget actuals – decisions are being made regarding the remaining money
budgeted for FY 16. John clarified that the line item that appears as a deficit is covered
by transfer from Council reserves. An explanation of how this appears on the budget was
suggested so that the community can understand how the deficit is resolved by council
○ FY 16 Expenditures – Among the expenses: air conditioning units have been installed,
fob access will be repaired, sink will be added to the workroom, council chairs for the
Hub, adding furniture and repairing existing furniture in classrooms. The Board
discussed asset management and insurance implications as purchases are made.
○ FY 17 review
■ Proposals:
● Increase Lit. Specialists from .36 to .4 each for a total of .8
● Increase Counselor from 10 to 12 hours per week (‘15 -’16 $14,000 to ‘16 -’17 $16,800)
● Increase Art Instructor from .5 to .6 FTE (5K)
● Increase evening custodian from 32.5 to 35 hours per week (3K)
● Add Health Clinic/Office Aid at 19 hours per week (11K with benefits. Offset by
decrease in Health Para cost)
● Increase of one day of team collaboration time coming from sub line (4K)
● Reminders:
■ All salaried schedules have 1% increase in addition to increase in first four
years for teachers
■ Hourly schedule have a 1.5% increase across all schedules
■ Variable pay amount accrues annually
● Board Questions for FY 17 Budget:
○ Where to spend supplemental PPR increase per BVSD as of May 8, 2016: $9672,
more furniture, roll over to next year?
M & S: Motion to approve to spend the supplemental PPR increase per BVSD as of May
8, 2016, $9672 on classroom/furniture improvements. Motion approved.
○ FRC recommends 20K increase to support K-8 trip/travel/field experiences to be
divided by teams to provide relief to families from Council. The Board discussed
background behind proposal to create fund to decrease existing expenses for parents
per student for annual enrichment experiences.
Additional discussion included ways in the future to reduce costs to parents.
The development committee and Board could also clarify where donated funds are
allocated, and how donations offset program costs that have been an expense to
M & S: Motion to approve FRC recommendation for 20k increase to support K-8
trip/travel/field experiences. Motion approved to recommend this for council approval.
○ Electric car charging station?
M & S: Motion to approve electric car charging station. The Board recommends not to
approve this.
M & S: Motion to approve to exclude TABOR and BEST from 20% reserve calculation on
an ongoing basis. Motion approved.
M & S: Motion to approve to move variable pay reserve to salary lines for year on year
comparison. Motion approved.
M & S: Motion to approve increasing variable pay amount from 3.5 to 4.5 in FY 17.
Motion approved.
M & S: Motion to increase Bookkeeper and Payroll tech time for increased budget
responsibilities. Motion approved.
○ Still moving parts regarding hiring of paras, aftercare and other possibilities
M & S: Motion to increase tech reserve by 10k and spend this 10k in FY 17. Motion
June Items:
○ Wells Fargo investing options
○ Board Member Documents for 16-17
■ Top docs for next year
■ Summary of Board activity this year.
● Collectively generate talking points
● Support for guidance regarding next year’s “critical path”
○ Others?
○ Threshold amount regarding enrichment experiences. Shall the Board
recommend an amount at which faculty is required to come to Council for fund
requests for enrichment experiences?
New Business:
The Board discussed the possibility of implementing an 8th grade trip and travel fund. The
faculty has approved implementing an 8th grade travel experience. The Board discussed the
possibility of a 10k budget allocation to offset the costs of the trip.
Additionally, the possibility that the 8th grade trip should be displayed in the budget similarly to
how Outdoor Ed and Winter Sports are displayed as an expense to the school. Another view is
that the expense of the trip be covered by parents with Fund 11 and/or Council providing
M & S: Proposal to approve an annual expense of $10k from Fund 11 in the budget to allocate
towards an 8th grade capstone trip. Motion approved.
Committee Reports:
● Development
○ Auction update – the Auction was at about 32K as a yield.
● To auction or not to auction for ‘16- ’17….how might this impact Moolah? The
Board recommends to council to take a year off the Auction
M & S: Motion to approve to take a year off auction (this includes paddle raiser). Motion
○ Moolah campaign update
○ Longview Fund update
○ Summer Camp numbers: 93 this summer, 60 last summer. Approx: $3,500 yield with
Dir. stipend (2500K) coming from Fund 11.
● Announcements
● Action items between meetings
● Close
M & S: Motion to close at 8:45. Motion approved.

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