Board Meeting: May 14, 2015


Board of Horizons K­8 School

Date: May 14, 2015

Facilitator: John
Time Keeper: Kevin
Location and Time: Horizons K­8 Conference Room, 6:30 pm

Call to Order: Nel Woller, Pat Smalley, Kevin Holst, Jim Freund, Phil Taylor, Ron Wawrzynek, Orion Poplawski, Andrea Foote, Beth Coleman, and recorder­ Denise DellaRocco.

  • ●  M&S to approve April Board Meeting minutes, as amended. approved
  • ●  M&S to approve posting and interviewing a 3 day a week AP with a Type D orwillingness to obtain Type D. approved
  • ●  M&S to send budgets to council for approval at May Council Meeting. approved
  • ●  M&S to approve new auditor pending review of the contract. approved
  • ●  M&S to approve posting, creating hiring committees, and interviewing for a full time 5⁄6teacher and the elementary spanish teacher. approved
  • ●  M&S approve the Horizons K­8 principal feedback with additions of the 1­4 rating key tothe faculty and staff feedback. approved
  • ●  M&S approve the email distribution of the Horizons
    K­8 principal feedback form to parents serving on Board or Council committees andthose parents that have attended at least 75% of Horizons Council meetings during the 2014­15 academic year. approvedAction item: 15­16 talk about creating a process to recruit board members. Motion to adjourn 8:51pm ­ approved
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