Board Meeting: May 12, 2014

Facilitators, co­chairs: John and Danny

Time Keeper: Liz

Location and Time: Horizons K­8 Hub, 6­830pm

6:00 Call to order: Danny Conroy, John McCluskey, Rosemary McKnight, Ron Wawrzynek,

Beth Coleman, Nel Woller, Liz Meador, Kevin Holst, Nichole Houser, Laurie Braunstein. Jim

Fruend. Denise DellaRocco (ass’t secretary,minutes keeper). not present: Cheri Felix

Cares, concerns, celebrations

6:12 motion to approve minutes, APPROVED.

6:13 Principal’s report:

Communication plan through summer before August. Where are we in the process, pass

along information as it is known.

6:30 Treasurer’s ­ Finance Review Committee Report:

Significant change, Ernie and Neil, faculty took a look at specials. Integration of music, art,

movement to enrich academic experience. Asking council for same amount of funds, based

by team, and allowing specialists to have support without just hiring 2 new people. Do we

want to create a process for the specialists we bring in, oversight with regard who we contract

with transparency. Submit resumes, paperwork (employment packet). Is art, music, and active

recreation all divided evenly from the specialist budget?

FRC district budget approved in June.

Council budget, give the board to look at it before council on Thursday. FY15 is proposed

budget for next year. Main source of revenue is donations, may end up a few thousand short

of our plan. Expenses are in Fund 11, we use council budget to pay those expenses.

Including a professional development line item, new to budget. TBD is auction paddle raiser.

We reserve part of council budget every year, helps with fund matching with grants, etc.

Technology budget, are we replacing current Mac desktops or moving towards chromebooks?

Bottom line money wise, we will need more money for desktops. Next refresh comes up, we

need to notify BVSD what direction we are going in. Technology committee will meet in


Revenue up 4.4% (originally 3.5%). State per pupil funding, we also have BVSD overrides.

Salaries, increases and benefits about 5% increase. Purchased services from BVSD, .8%

increase and we anticipate they will raise that in the fall. The net is about ­$14,000. Financial

guidelines, 20% of annual operating costs which includes TABOR. Fund balance allocation,

TABOR is about 3%. We are at about 16% and target is 20%. Generally good news, we are

not cutting, we are adding, we are giving raises.

This year we voted to do variable pay. Will we be doing that next year, do we need to budget,

yes we budget. Line item? Depends how we pay it this year, stipend or salary. It should come

under salary, for PERA. CDE is currently reviewing our stipend allocation for this year, PERA


Board will have to approve budget in June.

7:30 Motion to change Board name to Horizon’s Board (from Council Board). APPROVED

7:31 Hiring Process Approval:

Instructional staff vs. non­instructional staff (lumping paras in with non­instructional).

Committee for any instructional staff and faculty (4 parents, faculty of impacted team, other

faculty non­impacted team, smaller for p/t). Non­instructional staff administrators can

recommend if a committee is needed for these hires. Posting of smaller positions internally

first before advertised widely, to speed up, at who’s discretion? Assignments are

administrative discretion when it’s a lateral move, teacher to teacher, if it is para to teacher

they must interview against outside candidates. e. position will be posted and advertised

wisely (remove internally first).

Motion to approve Hiring Process Approval. APPROVED

7:50 Revised bylaws in regard to Board Membership tenure that were approved at Council,

will be updated as an amendment.

7:52 14­15 Calendar:

Spring conferences will be the same dates, K­8. Closely aligned to BVSD calendar.

Motion to approve Calendar: APPROVED (8:20pm)

8:00 Voting process for Horizon’s Parent Board members, vote for parent member board,

then from those elected a Chair is decided (separately if there is more than one).

Action items, email candidates to see if they want to be co­chair. Announced on Friday, not

at meeting.

8:20 the 2 administrative roles would be an automatic seat on Horizon’s Board.

1 bylaw changes to be voted upon at Council:

AP role is ex­officio on Board (6 faculty, 6 parents)

Action items, bylaws clean up items (Liz position on board, AP not 3 years at school).

Horizons policy and procedure updates to be approved at the June Board Meeting (from

executive and faculty meeting, 5 items and 5 items).

June Horizons Board Meeting, Chautauqua Community House (June 12th, 4­8:30), retreat to

buy significant time to accomplish goals.

Principal’s review to entire community, it should not be anonymous, 10 questions, also a few

feedback questions. Taking the results, have John create a professional growth team to work

with him, to create something that is constructive and useful. Keep the document easy for

people to fill out (standard for BVSD) with opportunity for people to be in depth. Rosemary

and Danny are creating the document, with a goal to give out in March in the future. Will be

evaluated in May this year.

close meeting, 9pm.

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