Board Meeting: May 11, 2017


Board of Horizons K-8 School

Date: May 11, 2017


Facilitators:   John McCluskey and Andrea Foote

Timekeeper:     Jill Siegel-Stone

Welcome and C C C (Cares, Concerns, Celebrations)

Amazing aperture night last night, a lot of inspired presentations.

Call to Order:  

John McCluskey, Frank Bruno, Peter Hegelbach, Jim Freund, Kelly Garrison, Shannon Hassan, Anne Hudson, Beth Coleman, Andrea Foote, Jill Siegel-Stone, Geary Layne, Lauren Tracey

Approval of minutes: April 13th, Clarification regarding the Office Role policy was discussed. Also, clarification on the 11 individuals to be on the hiring committee was changed to principal hiring committee. A request was made to keep minutes succinct by keeping only Board policy

Commentary. April 28th minutes were reviewed, and clarification was made around the Kindergarten position hiring.

M&S: Motion to approve the April 13th and April 28th minutes as amended. Motion seconded. The amended April 13th and April 28th minutes were approved.

Principal’s Report

Finance Review Report

  • FY 18 proposed budget
    • Preliminary projections were discussed regarding FY 18 budget. There will be a surplus in Fund 11. The Mill Levy will likely increase by $50k in FY 18. Faculty will meet to discuss ideas around how to prioritize expenditures around core values of Horizons. FY 18 proposed budget also includes projected auction revenue.
    • Climbing wall cost to be $27,500, is currently in the requisition process with BVSD.
  • Proposal: Payroll Technician up by two hours 25 to 27 and make salaried position. Clarification was made that the nature of the position has not changed, but additional tasks have been added. There was discussion regarding what warrants significant job change requiring re-posting a position.

M&S: Motion to increase Payroll Technician hours from 25 to 27.

Action Item: Agenda item for June 2017 Board meeting will be to clarify policy regarding when positions need to be reposted regarding nature of job changes.

Action Item: clarification of the cost of changing the payroll tech position from hourly to salary.

  • Proposal: counselor up by two hours 12 to 14

Nature of position and need for services were discussed.

M&S: Motion to increase the Counselor position from 12 hours to 14. Motion seconded. Motion to increase the Counselor position from 12 hours to 14 was approved.

  • Proposal: new principal transition compensation

Proposal to compensate principal for up to 5 days to prepare for transition.

M&S: Motion to approve compensation of incoming Principal for up to 5 days to prepare for the transition. Motion Seconded and Approved.

  • Faculty to meet to propose additional changes for board consideration in June

Development Committee Report

  • 52% participation in Moolah. Committee is looking a ways to increase participation in the coming year.

Hiring Committees update:

  • Kindergarten: Looking for Board member to join hiring committee: Date is May 24th 8:15-12:30.
  • 6-8 Special Ed position: Going back to pool and re-posting.
  • KE/Para position: Internal possibilities reviewed. No changes to the KE/Para position.
  • Office Assistant:
    • Hope was offered the position of Office Assistant. A decision was made to not interview for the position.
  • Paras: 4 openings anticipated between now and June for hiring for next year.

New Business

  • Grievance procedure update and action steps
    • Change language in employee handbook
      • Discussion regarding language to clarify process for amending language of the grievance policy from Faculty board to Parent Co Chair and Vice Chair.

Action Item: John and Lauren to review language of Employee Handbook for 2017-2018 school year.

    • Change language in Policies/Procedures Document

Action Item: John and Lauren to review language of Policies/Procedures Document regarding grievance procedure and action steps.

  • Proposal for ongoing support for new Co-Chair

Discussion of nature of Co-Chair position, and benefits to consulting of former Co-Chair to new Co-Chair. Former Co-Chair would not have any formal role or voting rights. Current Board could, with informing current Co-Chair, consult the past Co-Chair

Action Item: Add line to Board Member Job Description document to include language around former to current Co-Chair advisory role


  • Ok Action Items
  • Process Observer comments

Next regularly scheduled meeting is Thursday, June 8, 2017

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