Board Meeting: March 13, 2014

Facilitators, co­chairs: John and Rosemary

Time Keeper: Beth

Location and Time: Horizons K­8 Hub, 6­830pm

6:00 Call to order: John McCluskey, Rosemary, Cheri, Nel, Nichole, Jim, Ron, Kevin, Laurie,

Beth, Liz. Not present, Danny Conroy.

Visitors, Joan Truesdale, Assistant Secretary, Denise DellaRocco

Celebrations, cares, concerns.


Motion to approve February 2014 minutes, approved.

Motion to approve November 2013 minutes, approved.

Principal’s Report 6:58:

State has waived the requirement for a mid year UIP, but John encouraged our school to create


Treasurer’s Report 7:03:

Council and activity funds are updated through January, Fund 11 updated through February.

Salary and benefits on track, money still needed to be spent, money for improvements,

technology money. Non­salaried related expenses are on track. Ron highlighting expenses

Council approved. We have a reserve for technology (referring to Chrome Books). Budget

includes items that were brought up before January. Commitment to not spend Council money

without Council approval.

What are our revenues going to look like next year? We’ve been funding our growth with addition

of students. Bumped expenses 3­5%. Strategic issue for us, preliminary numbers looking into

the next few years, on trends. Capability to raise money is what we put into it. This has to be on

the top 3 issues for the board to address.

Committee Membership 7:19:

Members: 2­5 directors­ the board decides who is on it on an annual basis. Recommendation is

great, but not required by our bylaws. Create a document that reflects what is in the bylaws and

a Board’s recommendation to approve annually(number of directors). All committees need a

minimum number of directors. Make up to the committee should be in the bylaws and the charge

for the committee should be in the committee charter. The committee should create the goals

for each year. Ongoing responsibilities comply with budget timeline. Executive committee in our

bylaws, only used sparingly or in areas for delegation. Finance, development, faculty of most

importance. Committees of the council and there are committees of the board. Technology

committee? They should be on the budget timeline, they manage it. Is it a board committee or a

council committee? Money comes out of Fund 11 (operation), it is a board committee. They own

recommendations to the board.

Action item:

Go back out to group that has been drafting document, take revisions to consideration, and bring

to group for approval next meeting.

Hiring Process Proposal 7:44:

Approved in July, considered to amend document due to a few holes in it. How was the

committee selected, parents and faculty on the committee. There is a proposed hiring process

document. Position and FTE taken to FRC, streamline process, papertrail. Committee, parents

and faculty, trying to involve others than board members with board representation. How to

select these actual people? Goal of having a maximum of 10, desire to keep the interviews open

to team members. Official intent to hire letter comes from principal, before offer letter that is

approved by FRC. FRC approval can be done via email. Recommendation to hire by email, 24

hours to dissent, approved at board meeting. If 6 members do not agree, it may highlight there is

a bigger issue, so meeting is important. Timeline of a week seems fair, background check

(references), compensation. Good practice is 3 references.

Subject to necessary changes by the Council Board co­chairs after approval?

Motion to approve the hiring process 8:31pm, motion denied to move to next meeting.


Community members are inquiring, how do people become a member of the board?

Moolah campaign participation at about 40%

Meeting ended, 8:40 pm

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