Board Meeting: March 10, 2016


Board of Horizons K-8 School

Date: March 10, 2016

Facilitators, Co-Chairs: John and Andrea

Time Keeper:    Andrea

Location and Time: Horizons K-8 Conference Room, 6:00pm

Call to OrderJohn McCluskey, Orion Poplawski, Nel Woller, Andrea Foote, Nichole Houser, Kevin Holst, Anne Hudson, Shannon Hassan

Welcome C,C,C’s

Approval of minutes:​February 11, 2016

The Board reviewed and discussed the February 2016 minutes.

M & S: Motion to approve the February 11, 2016 minutes. Motion approved.

Principal’s Report

The Board reviewed the Principal’s report. John discussed with further detail the plans for the $40k capital improvement plans, specifically improvement of the air conditioning system. Additionally, John reviewed the faculty process of determining the ‘Why’ of Horizons K-8.

Open enrollment was discussed briefly, as as how feedback is collected from families who are leaving.

To date, there are fewer students opting out in 2016 than in 2015.

Finance Review:

Financial Analyst hiring update

Last candidate did not take the position; the hiring committee continues to search for candidates and will plan to interview current potential candidates.

Budget update

Review and questions regarding the Fund 11 and Council budget actuals for March.

Old Business:

Follow up on Lee’s presentation:

The board discussed highlights of Lee Quinby’s presentation. Specific points that were highlighted is 1) Critical path for board members, and 2) Decision making alignment, and accountability among the group for decision making process, and 3) Respectful communication process – discussion to start first between parents and teacher, then, following up with Principal only if needed.

Discussion of how to attract more of the community to council; ‘Why Council Matters’

The Board reviewed the document: ‘Board Meeting Functioning/Process’ and looked at ways to delineate a process and timeline for Board function and roles prior to next year.

There was discussion of 2015-2016 Board work and SWOT analysis for the year in regards to opportunities we have pursued this year; the document would be a helpful Board report to the community.

Potential ideas for what goals should be considered prior to the end of the year:

An end-of-year board report, an orientation , and a new member packet

-have board documents online

-grievance process for parents to teachers

Action Item: The Board will review docs in Board 2015-2016 folder to prepare for discussion of top 5 docs for new Board members to review

Action Item: Board Member Review of ‘2015-16 board work and overlap with SWOT themes’ document – please add your thoughts to this document (edit)

Action Item: Board Member review of ‘Board Roles and Responsibilities’ Documents to prepare for conversation about what we’d like to pass on for next year’s board for further clarification

Hiring timeline and process update

The candidates will be considered in review as a group, rather than a ½ hiring committee and a ¾ hiring committee

Update regarding sabbatical/family leave

BVSD will not be able to make a decision regarding altering the enrollment cap at Horizons until June, so the current policy regarding vacating a spot and open-enrolling

New Business:

Process and timeline for three open board positions was discussed:

 Letter goes out to families in early April to solicit potential candidates

Action Item: Andrea and John will review the Board interest letter prior to distribution to families.

Bios available prior to April Council meeting to introduce candidates

 Faculty bios for 16-­17 available for May Council meeting

Vote on new parent board members in May Council meeting

Council funds move to money market account? Any expertise on Board to help make this decision?

Suggestion to look at available rates for CDs for investing extra funds in the short term, up to 5 years.

Committee Reports:

  • Development

○ Meeting monthly

○ Auction update

○ Moolah campaign update – dollar amount goal has already been met.

○ Longview Fund update – two families have committed to the program. The Development committee is looking at a recognition dinner in the fall. Additionally, the Development committee would like to have Board input on how the additional funds should be allocated; one proposal is for a professional development fund to be established.

Action Item: Add an agenda item for the April Board meeting to discuss the Longview fund.

M & S: Motion to close at 8:06. Motion approved.

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