Board Meeting: June 9, 2016

June 9, 2016

Facilitators: Andrea and John
Timekeeper: Jim
Process Observer:
6:00 Welcome C,C,C’s
6:05 Approval of minutes: May 2016

May minutes approved.

6:10 Principal’s Report
6:15 Finance Review:

FY 16 Budget actuals
FY 17 review

Reminder of May Meeting Approvals:
Increase Lit. Specialists from .36 to .4 each for a total of .8
Increase Counselor from 10-12 hours per week (15-16 $14,000 to 16-17 $16,800)
Increase Art Instructor from .5 to .6 FTE (5K)
Increase evening custodian from 32.5 to 35 hours per week (3K)
Add Health Clinic/Office Aid at 19 hours per week (11K with benefits. Offset by decrease in Health Para cost)
Increase of one day of team collaboration time coming from sub line (4K)
Trip and Travel fund 10K (Annual 8th Grade Trip)

Board Questions/Items for Final FY 17 Proposed Budget:

No A&S Coordinator. Share $4800 between teams for Arts/Movement/Active Rec.
M and S Approved
Increase Computer teacher to a .483 FTE for Computer and 7th Grade Math teacher. Was .4
M and S Approved
Increase in K-6 Spec. Ed. Para time. 25 to 30 hours per week. 4K with benefits (Reduce aftercare asst. hours from 13 to 10)
M and S Approved
Increase in Spec. Ed. ⅞ Para time. 10-25 hours per week. 15K with benefits
M and S Approved
8th Grade Trip Decision and budget consequences

Made adjustments to how this is reflected in the budget on Fund 11. Council to approve additional fundraising as needed.

Charging station proposal
Not Approved

Review Council actuals took place

M and S: Below are approved
Meet these needs by not meeting 20% this year.
Include TABOR back into the 20%

M and S: FY 17 Budget is approved
Council FY17 Adopted June 2016 (1)
Fund 11 FY17 Adopted June 2016 (2)

Hiring Updates:

Hiring for:
5 paras, 2 at ¾, 2 at ⅚ one at ⅞.
.35 5th-8th Math
.35 Elem. Spanish
Health Clinic/Office (19 hours per week)
Active Rec (10 hours per week)..not currently in budget

7:00 New Business:

Hiring Recommendations:
1st and 2nd Grade Teacher recommendation will be available post sample lessons happening Wednesday this week
Natalie Bauer as our new ½ Teacher Approved
AfterCare Coord: Jeanne Kipke
Special Education Para/Aftercare Asst.: Jenny Green

Summary of Board activity this year.
Collectively generate talking points
Support for guidance regarding next year’s “critical path”

Action Items:

Sept. Council:
Approve faculty board members
Vote on Board Co-Chair
Explain budget spreadsheet adjustments per Board approval

7:45 Committee Reports:


Moolah campaign final update
Longview Fund update
Summer Camp numbers: 93 this summer, 60 last summer. Approx: $3,500 yield with Dir. stipend (2500K) coming from Fund 11

Thank you! Nel, Ron, Orion and Kevin!

Summer action items: August Board Meeting: John/Andrea to send Doodle Poll Lunch provided.

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