Board Meeting: June 8, 2017


Board of Horizons K-8 School

Date: June 8, 2017



Facilitators:   John McCluskey and Andrea Foote

Timekeeper:  Andrea Foote

Minutes: Denise DellaRocco

Welcome and C C C (Cares, Concerns, Celebrations) :

Colorado Social Emotional Learning Forum

Ending the school year! 8th Grade Celebration, speeches.

Innovate by BVSD, very motivating

Call to Order:  

John McCluskey, Andrea Foote, Kelly Garrison, Frank Bruno, Beth Coleman, Nichole Houser, Also: Lauren Tracey, Joan Truesdale, Geary Layne, Denise DellaRocco

Approval of Minutes:

May 2017

M&S: Motion to Approve May 11, 2017 minutes-  approved

  • Proposal for ongoing support for new Co-Chair

Discussion of nature of Co-Chair position, and benefits to consulting of former Co-Chair to new Co-Chair. Former Co-Chair would not have any formal role or voting rights. Current Board could, with informing current Co-Chair, consult the past Co-Chair

Noted: Moved and Seconded May 11, 2017

Principal’s Report

Action items:

  • Open Law Document added to website
  • Grievance Language also be updated to the handbook and website for the community
  • Create a sign up for public input during the board meeting
  • Directors and Officers Liability Policy covered via BVSD, confirm
  • Develop initial proposal for budget line item for a reserve to carry human resource/personnel/mediation services (two board members overseeing)
  • Secretary to create a file of process observer notes with date

Finance Review Report:

  • FY 18 Budget Approval
    • Budget Talking Points

M&S: Motion to approve KE proposal, Kindergarten teachers assume Kindergarten Enrichment lead role in the afternoon for 17-18. Principal delivers faculty evaluation to board following faculty review. Approved

M&S: Motion to hire Horizons K-8 will honor your last paid step at Horizons K-8 or up to five years experience, whichever is greater.  In any case these are years at .5 FTE or more. – Approved

M&S: Budget talking points:

  Increase Elementary Spanish from 14 to 16 hours in 17-18 to .40 FTE

  Hire Active Recreation Teacher part time .49 FTE

  Move payroll tech to salary from hourly

  Hire a mentor to support the first year principal

  Add line item to help maintain garden year on year

  • Motion approved

M&S: Adopt 17-18 Fund 11 Budget with a few benefits adjustments

New Business:

  • Grievance procedure updates


All staff will use the Horizons Communication Agreements to address complaints and grievances. If this does not produce satisfactory results, the complaints/grievances may be taken to following in this order:

  1. The Principal
  2. The Parent Co-Chair of the Board and Parent Vice-Chair of the Board if available
  3. A Horizons K-8 third party mediator can be contracted by Horizons Board Action

M&S: Adopt Grievance policy – motion approved

Horizons agrees to use discretionary practices and examine on a case by case basis questions that arise regarding changes in FTE for positions that may be posted or filled internally. As informed by BVSD practices.

  • Employee handbook update
  • Hiring updates

M&S to hire Traci Bushnell .63 Kindergarten and .37 KE -motion approved

  • Celebrations


  • Ok Action Items
  • Process Observer comments
  • Next regularly scheduled meeting is Thursday, August 10, 2017


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