Board Meeting: June 17, 2014

Facilitators, co­chairs: John and Danny

Time Keeper:

Location and Time: Horizons K­8 Conference Room, 6­830pm

6:35­ Call to order: Danny Conroy, John McCluskey, Rosemary McKnight, Ron Wawrzynek,

Beth Coleman, Liz Meador, Nichole Houser, Laurie Braunstein, Kevin Holst, Nel Woller. not

present: Cheri Felix, Nichole Houser, Jim Freund. Minutes Keeper, Denise DellaRocco

Cares, Concerns, Celebrations:

6:40­ Budget overview and report:

Down to crunching the numbers, benefits numbers are no longer an estimate, but an exact

number with the increase this year.

What are the metrics going against the fiscal year to gauge we are on track for expense

decisions. What is our philosophy?

We need to answer the top order questions before we dive into the numbers. In terms of

allocation of our resources, what did we do last year, what’s our delta, part of our core

philosophy? In terms of process, doing it from top down.

What are the higher level questions:

Is Horizons getting the best teachers out there? Comparing BVSD average salaries to

charters and other Front Range districts. We are very competitive, salary wise. Are we

competitive with skill sets? Salary vs. hourly (part time), are part time employees taking

advantage of trainings and the commitment as salaried? Our teachers share in the

governance in the school, it’s clear that Charter Schools do not compensate for that. Who do

we benchmark ourselves against, against Districts good, Charters outstanding.

With extra meetings and commitments, creates autonomy, doesn’t necessarily equate to a

salary, but empowers the faculty.

Items for consideration/ BIG PICTURE:

How much to transfer into reserves ($70,000 recommended)

Hourly employees have a COLA

Variable pay for salaried employees

Salary schedules to use moving forward (teachers on HK­8, office, custodial, admin BVSD


We are going to leave paras at 11­12 and not give them 3%, but give them a cola. One

concession that was made, was allowing years of experience teaching to count when placed

on salary schedule.

How do we make decisions in forecasting, what would our philosophy be as a Board of where

to cut? How do we understand what the process would be, prioritize as a Board, and faculty to

pull out the red dots, to make recommendations to the FRC, then to the Board.

For 14­15 our budget needs to balance, the increases for COLA, variable pay, etc would not

increase if we saw a deficit in the forecast. We are not adding FTE, we are holding flat, if we

give raises this year, average it out over 3 years, as long as we don’t have less revenues we

are on track.

Discretionary spending, listing in the back of their minds, the things we have ramped up when

the money (literacy, elem spanish, extra office, custodial, SpEd, computer lab, art, active rec,

music). To make informed decisions you need to know all the decisions.

(7:20) Diving into the numbers of the Fund 11 details, updated:

Number of people receiving benefits, 35. ($529,088) 7.4% increase in benefits this year.

Annual leave rolled into another place, in expense line.

In the report, changes:

Supply budget, coding making things clear to project and track budget supply numbers.

2410 $14,000 was reallocated to specific line items, now 0 will add $4000 to it. 0060 music?

We run a deficit, put in council money, what’s left is annual operating expenses.

The recommendation:

Do we want to baseline everyone?

Parapros, HK8 14­15 (possible to increase that by cola)

Teachers, HK8 Salary schedule increase 1.8, add variable pay 2%

Office 13­14, salaried folks see 2% variable pay

Custodial also see 2%

Admin currently on 13­14, admin stay on 13­14 and see 2%

Variable increase is for salaried employees.


Time check: 8:00 Let’s prioritize:

Defer discussion on art position, 20 hours a week, +benefits

Unpack and explain COLA, overview, salary schedule, 8 things to decide on.


1. Determine salary guidelines/schedules

2. Determine operating reserve contribution

3. Approve 2014­15 Budget

4. Approve process for calculating part time, salaried employees

5. Spec. Ed., Math and Spanish hiring updates and FTE

6. Recommendation to hire Gretchen Haas as 6­8 special educator

7. Custodial update

8. Art business

9. Compensation committee (board policy guidelines need to be created)

10. Revisit the 3 year forecast with numbers that were voted on tonight for 14­15, run the

numbers out. (red flags in our budget)

11. Look at discretionary pieces (list of people that aren’t on regular schedules). Items have

been out there in play.

12. Revisit Assistant Secretary on the BVEOP

Looking at where we are relative to the 20% reserve goal, if we put in $65,000 can only be

spent in emergency, is our revenue going to go up in these numbers the recommendation is

$75,000 but make the budget work with $65,000.

Salary schedules, there is a step and a COLA. Set of fixed multipliers, look at the differentials.

All the schedules that we use, we use the BVSD multipliers (provided on chart). We need

flexibility in our budgeting, that’s why we can’t commit to a BVSD schedule. Using the COLA

is only if we have the money. Variable pay replaces COLA, January is final pay number.

COLA is a %, variable is more flexible can use FTE, etc. How does the variable pay grow

every year, it can be what we want it to be.

With COLA (with base and COLA, base increased on steps) BVSD gives 2% COLA in pay,

freezing our schedule, Base pay, but variable pay increases cummulitively. Variable and

COLA are not guaranteed, truly variable.

Write a policy up for a compensation committee, is this still the best way to go? Guidance via

compensation committee, policy.

We create a budget, figure out what we can afford, and afford for variable and COLA pay, we

manage the process. We can look anytime at what BVSD does and decide if we want to

adopt it.

Board will decide compensation, consistent COLA for all groups on COLA, what groups on

COLA vs Variable pay, decide on baseline for all schedules do we want them to be on the

same schedule.

Our custodian should be Group A, Wage Scale A. Night custiodian Wage scale 5.

Motions (all increases and salary schedule changes, voted on only by parent board


Move to vote, budget for a $65,000 reserve and determine in January if that can be increased

to $75,000. APPROVED

Move to vote, consistent COLA to all groups that receive COLA. APPROVED

Move to vote, groups that would receive COLA, hourly employees, Art COLA (not variable


Move to vote, all salaried employees on variable pay. APPROVED

Move to vote, move to the 13­14 Para Schedule, Step 1 on Horizons K­8 equals Step 2 on

BVSD salary schedule (BVSD places on Step 2), COLA defer to January. APPROVED

Move to vote, teachers to receive 1.8% base salary increase on Horizons Teacher Salary

Schedule. APPROVED

Move to vote, hold on assistant secretary moving to Office Professional Salary Schedule.

Revisit in Fall. APPROVED

Move to vote, 13­14 BVSD Administrator Salary Schedule now becomes Horizons K8

Administrator Salary Schedule. APPROVED

Move to vote, 13­14 BVSD Office Professionals and Custodians now becomes Horizons K8

Office Professional Salary Schedule and Custodian Salary Schedule. APPROVED

Move to vote, budget with 0% variable and COLA freezing, to be determined in August.


Move to vote, agreed upon calculation on how we pay our part time FTE, using FTE



Move to vote, to hire Gretchen Haas at .5 FTE for SpEd. APPROVED

Move to vote, Middle School SpEd .65 and Middle School Math at .35. APPROVED

Meeting Closed, 10:05 PM

Consider what is our process for equity of voice?

Agenda, preparation in advance, time keeper, board schedule, secretary keeps schedule.

Challenge the board to give direction to Admin.


Council Board of Horizons K­8 School Inc.


Date: June 12, 2014

Facilitators, co­chairs: John and Danny

Time Keeper:

Location and Time: Horizons K­8 Conference Room, 6­830pm

6:00 Call to order: Danny Conroy, John McCluskey, Rosemary McKnight, Ron Wawrzynek,

Beth Coleman, Liz Meador, Nichole Houser, Laurie Braunstein. not present: Cheri Felix, Nel

Woller, Kevin Holst, Jim Freund.

Cares, concerns, celebrations

6:05 Secretary’s Report: Approval of minutes. See draft of minutes here: Minutes

Minutes approved

6:10 Principal’s Report Principal’s Report

6:20 Development Committee Report

The committee includes Kathy Hagen, Frank Bruno, Danny Convoy, Carin Chow, Caroline

Landry, John McCluskey, Liz Meador. This group met June 9. They reviewed the history of

fundraising at Horizons, analyzed the events that we currently sponsor and our approach.

Discussed better ways to “ask” for money ­ create a more transparent value proposition. Let

parents know up front the value of a Horizons education, as well as the cost compared to what

we receive from the state. Brainstormed ways to improve the auction. Strive for more

participation in Moolah.

6:40 Old Business:

Rosemary and Danny will meet to review the results of the survey regarding our school’s

leadership, and then communicate to John McCluskey.

The public has a right to see all of the board documents. John and Denise will create a smooth

process for adding and updating board agenda, minutes, and supporting documents to the web


Suggestion to create a better way to manage board materials. See the peak to peak web site for

examples. The board needs a secretary ­ to be elected in August.

6:40 New Business:

­Hiring recommendations

­ Approve 2014­15 Employee Compensation

­Approve 2014­15 Budget

­Process for committee membership?

­Parent monies for spec. ed support? Comparison to music, art, active rec?

Discussion items:

Proposal regarding salary schedules. What is the process for sending proposals to the board?

Does it need to come from the FRC, or can the treasurer put forth a proposal?

Need some guidance from the board to determine priorities and to determine who decides the

final salary amounts without relying solely on BVSD.

Historically, salary was the starting place, and the rest of the budget was built around that.

Horizons used BVSD salary schedule. Not really actively managing the budget. Problem is that

we have a fixed revenue stream, yet salaries continue to go up based on COLA.

Process Issue: Currently the Board Treasurer is doing all the work in building the budget, rather

than staff. What should the goal be? Can staff propose the budget to the board via the FRC?

How can we clean up the accounts so that we know where the dollars are going? Can we

distribute the responsibility for the budget to staff, so that staff presents the preliminary budget to

FRC? Can we create a transition so that the leadership of the school manages the budget?

Budget Issue: The proposed budget has a deficit. What can we afford to set our salary schedules

at? Remaining employees on BVSD schedule includes Admin, Office personnel, and Custodial

staff. Do we want to continue to match COLA for all groups? Some groups? Is it the same

number for all groups?

Teachers get variable pay allocated in Jan, but the pay scale was frozen in 2012­13. This means

teachers get step increases, but the base is not increased each year with COLA. Should other

employees have this same arrangement? What is equitable in terms of distributing COLA?

FRC would like guidance from the board on COLA vs. variable pay.

Discussion about para salary schedule proposed. This proposal differentiates responsibilities

among paras and K­enrichment. Assumes placement based on years of experience. Change

number of hours that qualify for benefits.

Proposal: Para salary schedule, placement guidelines, and benefits based on 20 hours. Current

employees with 18 hours grandfathered in (approved).

­Whip around of ideas regarding salary, COLA and Variable pay

1) COLA or Variable should be given equally across employee groups.

2) Variable can be allocated differently across groups as a bonus or based on performance.

3) Vehemently opposed to performance bonus. COLA should be applied equally across all


4) Variable pay should be different for different groups. COLA should be applied equally across

all employees

5) Variable pay should be distributed as an incentive pay at the discretion of the board. COLA

should be applied equally across all employees

6) Variable pay should be different for different groups, but should be applied across groups.

COLA should be applied equally across all employees. Would compare across school districts.

7) Continue with variable pay. Allocate a pool. Determine allocation method for that each year.

Should be based on performance, but this requires a strong and clear system. Variable should

only be applied to salaried people. Hourly on COLA, salaried on variable.

8) Variable pay should not be tied to performance.

Discussion about idea to have all hourly employees on COLA and every salaried employee on

variable pay. The salary schedule for teachers is based on the 2012­13 BVSD schedule. The

salary schedule for admin is based on 2013­14. Goal is to create fair pay in a district that

continues to increase their pay.


1) Create equity between the groups on variable pay by moving the admin to 2012­13 salary

schedule and leave teacher pay alone. Apply COLA to all hourly employees

2) Create equity between the groups on variable pay by raising teachers 1.8%, and leave admin

on 13­14. Apply COLA to all hourly employees

3) Leave teachers on 2012­13 and admin salaries on 2013­14 and allocate variable pay. Apply

COLA to all hourly employees.

New employees

Approve new hires paras, math teacher, spanish teacher, sped teacher (thumbs)

Approve sub license as teaching license (thumbs)

Approve sub licensed teachers as eligible for OE preference (thumbs)

Discussion: Earmarked donations for SPED program. Policy supports idea that donation can be

made, but can’t tie para to one child. Issue is that allocation must be approved by Council.

Close: 10:00PM

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