Board Meeting: July 29, 2013

The meeting of the Council Board of Horizons K-8 School Inc. was called to order on July 29,

2013 by John McCluskey, Council Co-Chair, at Horizons K-8 School at 8:10 a.m.

Directors in Attendance: Laurie Braunstein, Beth Coleman, Daniel Conroy, Jim Freund, Kevin

Holst, John McCluskey, Liz Meador, Ron Wawrzynek, and Nel Woller

Minutes: The Minutes of the June 24, 2013 Meeting of the Council Board were edited and

unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report: – Ron

1. FY13 Budget Update

2. FY14 Budget

3. FY14 Budget Changes must be approved by Jan. 2014

a. Not yet closed at district

b. CDE Capital Construction Revenue ($14K) carryover to FY14

i. will explore using carryover to pay for our required central services “lease”

c. BEST $15K Budgeted reserve expense reduced to $5K and moved to reserves

a. District approved budget June Board Meeting

b. Rolled up Council/District FY14 Budget after FY13 closes

a. Council Budget will include:

i. Grocery Script

ii. Fundraising & Donations

b. Council authorized donation to Fund 11

c. Fund 11 Additional Income/Expense

i. All Parent/Program Fees (outdoor ed., field trips, etc.)

ii. All current Council expenses except fundraising

d. Investigating online system which will allow parents to make payments for all

programs (field trips, etc) online. Allows for easy payment, tracking, etc.

payments with district

Principal’s Report: – John

1. GOCO Update: Construction expected to begin by November 2013. Note that

collaboration with City of Boulder effectively makes all playground space a city park during

non-school hours. Thus the City of Boulder helps to maintain the space.

2. BEST Grant Update: Per the State of Colorado,Horizon’s matching funds of $71,846.67

will be returned BVSD. We are seeking clarification from BVSD as to whether those funds

will come back to Horizons to replenish our reserves from which they came or be held at

BVSD. It is our expectation that they will be released back to Horizons.

3. Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) 2013-14 Update:

4. Hiring Updates:

a. TCAP 2012/13 results will be released after August 14. Parents of last year’s 8th

graders will be able to get results by phoning the district

b. Prior to Oct. 25 deadline, the Big Picture Team will reach out to Horizons

Community to include any parents interested in participating in the UIP process.

a. Lis Tanner Duckworth was recommended as new Special Education teacher.

b. Payroll Hiring: Denise Della Rocco has been hired as Payroll Tech.

5. Fundraising for 2013/2014: Notice will go out to Horizons Community inviting participation

on fundraising committee.

6. Horizons Employee Evaluation Plan for 2013/14: BVSD is training on SB191 requirements

and Board will be updated on those at September’s Board meeting.

7. Back to School Packets: will be mailed August 7, 2013

8. 501c3 Update: In order to comply with charitable organization status, the Board

recommends having a CPA do Horizons tax forms. John will put a request out to parent

community for a CPA volunteer.

9. “Hiring Process” Recommendation: Please see here for process:



1. Motion made to approve Lis Tanner Duckworth as new Special Education teacher.

Unanimously passed by the Board.

2. Motion made to accept the “Hiring Process” as outlined in the Principal’s Report above

unanimously passed by the Board.

3. Motion to approve Kindergarten Teacher position upgrade from .58% to .61%. Motion

unanimously passed by the Parent Board.

4. Motion made to require Friday Faculty meeting attendance by faculty with home-rooms

only. Motion passed unanimously by the Board.

5. Motion made to change the name of “Fundraising” to “Development.” Motion unanimously

passed by the Board.

New Business and Open Items:

1. Discussion of need to separate “New Parent Orientation” (NPO) from general “Back to

School Night.” General agreement on the point — a suggestion was made to have NPO

held at the end of each Back to School night so that the general community can leave and

more in depth, yet repetitive questions can be answered at that time. Faculty will discuss


2. 2012/2013 Principal Evaluation forms will be sent out to parent community (Rosemary)

3. Hiring Committee Parent Volunteer Forms will be designed and sent out to Parent

Community by the end of September (John & Laurie)

4. Generate list of building capital improvement items for 2013-14. (John)

5. Tech Committee to provide 2013-14 budget and 3yr forecast to Finance Review

Committee. (John)

6. Follow up item from the Kindergarten % FTE recalculation. Present Horizon

policy/calculation for all faculty that are < 1.0 FTE to board. (John)

7. Contact BVSD regarding Horizons proposed open enrollment policy and report back to

board. (John)

8. Board members submit top 3 items that they would like to see the board address this year.

John will setup a google doc. Board will create prioritized list at September board meeting.

(Board members).

Adjournment. There being no further business to come before the Council Board, the meeting

of the Council Board adjourned at approximately 11:00am. The next Council Board Meeting will

be held at the School in September and was scheduled on line.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Braunstein,


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