Board Meeting: January 30, 2014

Facilitators: Danny and John

Time Keeper: Liz

Location and Time: Horizons K­8 conference Room 6­8:30


6:00 Call to Order

Roll Call: John McCluskey, Rosemary McKnight, Ron W., Beth Coleman, Nel Woller, Liz

Meador, Jim Freund, Kevin (via conference call)


Celebrations, Cares, Concerns

6:10 Secretary’s Report: Approval of minutes

*Minutes for Jan. 9, 2014 approved, November minutes still pending

6:15 Principal’s Report

*Question about how curriculum is communicated with community. Short discussion regarding

recent changes due to Common Core standards being adopted.

*Discussion around timing of strategic planning for 5 year vision ­ goes to faculty then to board.

Need to make sure roles are understood

6:20 Treasurer’s/Finance Review Committee Report

Budget Approval Process:

­All members review and give final input

*Discussion about salary schedules and variable pay and how to determine when/how we can afford

this. There can be input from faculty but this decision is made solely by the parent board. Faculty did not

discuss after motion was made.

7:00 Budget Approval (with compensation matters in place per Parent Board members)

* Parent board discuss proposal to accept Teacher Salary Schedule (same as the old BVSD schedule)

and Administration Schedule, as proposed in Horizons budget. Discussion of differences between

current BVSD salary schedule, old BVSD salary schedule and other charter school salaries.


Approve a $12,600 (1%) Variable Pay budget for employees on the Horizons Teacher Salary

Schedule (HTSS). Individual employee allocations will be calculated based on an employee’s

average FTE % (on the HTSS) over the school year.

Proposal approved by parent board

* Discussion revolving around future budget projection. How will we make up the difference ­ generate


How are other personnel schedule salary schedules considered? (Office professionals, Paras,

Principal/AP, Art, Music, PE, A&S, etc.) Should K enrichment and AfterCare be considered a

different category because they are revenue generating programs? These programs hold their own sets

of liability. Now these are council programs paid out of Fund 11 under Horizons Charter which are not

on a pay scale.

See Ron’s Schedules chart

This needs to be discussed at a future Board meeting and policy needs to be set. John and Danny will

put HR and future compensation topics on future Board agenda.

7:15 Approvals

• Motion 1: Revised Budget

– Motion to approve the Fund11 Revised Budget for the fiscal year

beginning July 1, 2013 and ending Jun 30, 2014


• Motion 2: FY14 Budget Appropriation

– In accordance with C.R.S. 22­44­110(4), motion to approval the

following schedule to be appropriated for the fiscal year beginning July

1, 2013, and ending June 30, 2014.

• Total Appropriation Fund11 $3,646,228

• Total Appropriation Council Fund $378,228

• Total Appropriation Activity Fund $97,000


Total $4,121,456


• Motion 3: Audit Report

– Motion to approve the independent auditor’s report from Swanhorst

& Company LLC for the year beginning July 1, 2012 and ending Jun 30,



7:30 Committee Chair Reports

Faculty Comm: League of Charter School membership decision

*Horizons will not join the League of Charter Schools this year per faculty recommendation.

Board training will be paid for.

Fundraising Comm: See report

7:45 Update and clarification regarding Diversity Committee, Community Group, Technology


*Discussion around if these are committees of the Board. No, but there should be some

oversight/representation from Board per bylaws.

What are the structures? Fundraising must go through Fundraising Committee.

What is the process for setting up/ overseeing a committee? The Board must write charters for each


A work session will be set up to name and define charters for each committee.

8:00 Board guidance for committees that contain three or more board members. Per our training last

month. Next steps regarding committee work, charters, membership etc.

8:20 Board Training Follow up preparation for next time. Please complete worksheet and come

prepared to discuss.

8:25 Other new business/ideas for our February 13th Board meeting?

Attachments for Google Folder from this meeting:



Roles worksheet

Finance Comm. Report

Fundraising Comm. Report

Principal’s Report

Meeting minutes

8:30 Adjourn

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