Board Meeting: January 29, 2015

Facilitator: John and Danny

Time Keeper: Jim

Location and Time: Horizons K­8 Conference Room, 6:30 pm

Call to order:

John McCluskey, Orion Poplawski, Beth Coleman, Kevin Holst, Jim Freund, Ron Wawrzynek,

Pat Smalley, Andrea Foote, Danny Conroy, Phil Taylor, Jim Fruend. Minutes Keeper, Denise


Secretary Report:

Secretary Report:

M&S to approve January 8, 2015 minutes be accepted and filed, carried.

[M&S moved and seconded]

Principal’s Report was presented.

Committee Reports:

● M&S to approve the proposed Fund 11 FY15 budget with change in transfer from

Council line item $106,694 to Zero, there will be no additional allocation to the Fund 11

reserves. Motion Approved.

● M&S to approve to move the June Board meeting to the Wednesday 10th, 6pm.

Motion Approved.

Action Item:

PT, DC, LB are 1 year term ending May 2015.

RW, KH, OP are 2 year terms, ending May 2016.

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