Board Meeting: January 25, 2019



Held with Board of Horizons K-8 School and Faculty

January 25, 2019

2:00-4:00 pm


Facilitators: Jim Freund

Minutes: Julie Dye & teachers

Call to Order:  

Monica Fitzgerald, Julie Dye, Frank Bruno, Kate Grant, Cory Pavicich, Elizabeth Coleman, Teran Sittner, Annie Blankenship, Paul Martin Absent: Lauren Tracey, Cece Davis

Guests recorded: Geary Layne, Cheri Felix, Sarah Michaels, Gena Welk, Sarah Arabian, Catriona Dowling-Davis


Faculty present: (19) Teran Sittner, Jim Freund, Lisa Kihn, Lynn Dobransky Pence, Rachel Clionsky,  

Peter Hegelbach, Annie Blankenship,Wendy Thoreson, Beth Coleman, Traci Bushnell, Aubrey Demmon, Ryan Conrad, Lis Duckworth, Brian Jernigan, Sherry Davis, Julie Cohen, Adam Brink, Kate Mooney, Emmy Kurtz

Absent: (12) Pat Smalley, Beth White, Talia Shapiro, Natalie Bauer, Stephanie Landrum, Christy Shoemaker, Karen Dimetrosky, Bryanna Wehr, Fran Cohen, Kara Priest, Rani Kumar, Diane Diesh



  • Best support each other through spring and needing work to be done


      • Collaboration time, on the same page about timeline and tasks to accomplish, checklist of timeline (what, when), published, committees, recognize dysfunctional structures of bylaws, being informed about what the legal requirements, participating in committees, offer opportunities for voice, it’s us getting through to the end, place of trust, trust best interest and intention, continuing to keep students and children at the forefront, clear decision-making model,


  • Results from Faculty survey
  • Budget, compensation, terminating, evaluating others–if not making decisions, want to hear the reasons behind it, What they want: learning & curriculum, choosing colleagues, choosing leaders, assessments, professional development (during school hours for the last two)–adding talking about students and data (best practices), instructional.
  • Interim Head of school conversation, timelines–qualities, duties, responsibilities


    • Timing, built community, committed to completing year, focusing on students, experience about evaluating, school governance, negate learning of a type D license, experience, understanding of community, understands “teacher led” school, focused on building consensus, helping build community, bringing everyone together, experience in a shared-leadership school, holding space for the staff and community to decide, seasoned, mediator, are they adding anything new to the table or we just looking for someone to execute what the teachers want?, collaborative decision making, style, “I notice & I’m wondering,” facilitator, safe environment, soft skills leadership, relationships, no role authority, exceptionally strong communicator, open communication, in the trenches

Next regularly scheduled meeting is Thursday, February 7, 2018

Adjourn at 4 pm

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