Board Meeting: January 14, 2016

Board of Horizons K-8 School
Date: January 14, 2016

Facilitators, Co-Chairs: John and Andrea
Time Keeper: Jim Freund
Location and Time: Horizons K-8 Conference Room, 6:00pm

Call to Order:
John McCluskey, Orion Poplawski, Jim Freund, Nel Woller, Andrea Foote, Beth Coleman, Peter Hegelbach, Nichole Houser

Welcome C,C,Cs:
Discussion of successful open enrollment events.

Approval of December Minutes:
The Board reviewed the December 2015 minutes

M & S: Motion to approve the December 2016 minutes. Motion approved.

Review of Principal’s Report
Explanation of instructional rounds. Celebration of the Neighborhood garden grant as well as the upcoming hiring season.

Finance Review:
FY 16 Revised budget
Major talking points: Fund 11 Reconciliation from BVSD, the Board reviewed the budget detail as well as FY 16 Budget Decision priorities

The Board discussed adjusting the reserve amount from 13% to 12.5% to account for the increase in variable pay.

M & S: Motion to approve the adjustment of reserve amount from 13% to 12.5%. Motion approved.

The parent Board members discussed the issue of variable pay for all salaried employees. Parent Board members propose an increase in variable pay from 2% to 4.5%.

M & S: Motion to approve the increase in Variable Pay from 2% to 4.5%. Motion approved by parent board members.

The Board reviewed how the Budget is appropriated. A supplemental Board meeting will be scheduled after the January Council meeting to review and approve the FY 16 Budget Appropriation.

John discussed progress in the hiring process for the accountant.

Clifton Larson Allen have been hired to complete the tax return.

Old Business:

The Board reviewed progress made in the ‘15­-’16 SWOT Analysis discussion. It was proposed that the Board revisits the SWOT analysis and long term planning in February. The faculty could come together on what is needed to carry out the mission of self directed learning and community contributors, and the Board could focus what roles the Board play in developing future focus

Travel sabbatical proposal: The Board reviewed and revised the ‘Travel based open enrollment proposal’ document. The proposal will be reviewed at the January Council meeting.

New Business:

Committee Reports:

Development: Barb and Connie are planning the auction. The Moolah campaign is already at 50%. There has been progress in implementing a future plan for the Longview fund.

Technology: Lauren is putting together a proposal for how technology funds should be spent

Summer Camp: Xandra Coombs will be running the summer camp as the Director. Her position will be paid by stipend pending approval of the FY 16 Budget

● Action items between meetings:
ACTION ITEM: Anne and John will coordinate how to minute the FY 16 budget appropriation
ACTION ITEM: The Board will meet after the January Council meeting to approve the FY Budget.

M & S: Motion to close at 7:58 pm. Motion approved.

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