Board Meeting: January 11, 2018


Board of Horizons K-8 School

January 11, 2018



Facilitators:   Frank Bruno

Timekeeper:  Peter Hegelbach

Minutes: Denise DellaRocco

Process Observer- Frank Bruno

Welcome and C C C (Cares, Concerns, Celebrations) :

Tire Swing!


Call to Order:  

Lauren Tracey, Kelly Garrison, Frank Bruno, Peter Hegelbach, Jamie Schlomberg, Monica Fitzgerald, Shannon Reid, Jim Freund, Jill Siegel-Stone, Kate Grant.

Also: Joan Truesdale, Denise DellaRocco  


  1.       Consent items

Approval of Agenda:

M&S acceptance of agenda for 1/11/18 – approved


Approval of Minutes:

December 14, 2017

M&S acceptance of minutes for 12/14/17 – approved


  III.    Reports, Actions, Discussion items:

  • M&S acceptance of Variable Pay at 4% for FY18- approved by parent board members
  • M&S Horizons K-8 to maintain a maximum reserve of 15% containing TABOR- approved
  • M&S to approve Fund 11 FY18 Revised Budget – approved


Action items:


Board Book Club- Creative Schools by Ken Robinson, Future Wise by David Perkins, Innovator’s Mindset- by George Couros


IT policy for HK8 equipment- Jaime to send proposal to Jim for faculty


Close 8:45-

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