Board Meeting: February 9, 2017


Board of Horizons K-8 School

Date: February 9, 2017



Facilitators:   John McCluskey

Timekeeper:     Peter Hegelbach

Welcome and C C C (Cares, Concerns, Celebrations)

Call to Order:  

John McCluskey, Frank Bruno, Peter Hegelbach, Jim Freund, Nichole Houser, Adam Brink, Kelly Garrison, Shannon Hassan, Anne Hudson, Beth Coleman, Jill Siegel Stone


Approval of minutes:

The Board reviewed the January 12, 2017. meeting minutes. There was one correction to change the word fundraising to community under the Development Committee section.

M&S: Motion to approve the January 12, 2017 Minutes. Motioned seconded. Minutes approved. 

Principal’s Report was reviewed, with discussion of the upkeep of Burke Park grounds. The pancake breakfast raised over $1500. A suggestion was made to plan for more supervision of children next year. Additionally, the school tax preparer recommended that school committees will need to record meeting minutes in the future.

Finance Review Report:

  • Override update
    • Never ending .
    • 91, 98, 02 and 05 all fluctuate based on district count.  If the district student population gets bigger, we receive less percentage.  
    • 10 is 25% of total program.  If district gets smaller, we get less.
    • New mill is ongoing also.
  • January updates
    • 10K for paddle raiser included
    • 20K for Technology refresh cycle to be spend this year
  • Capital Improvement Funds
    • Deadline for orders is March 1 to make purchases.
    • Committee meeting.  Climbing wall and furniture
  • Mill Levy money is going to be called Fund 62 reserve. Horizons staff met with the district to understand the funds further. Funds can be used for operations, capital improvement, technology. Will receive $112k for this year, and funds could increase by up to 50% next year. Decisions will need to be made how to spend these funds this year, as well as how to plan use of funds in the future. The faculty will need to meet and plan how to spend the funds from the Fund 62 reserve. Board members recommended that Mill some of the Fund 62 reserves go towards existing eligible expenses.

Development Committee Report:

  • Moolah campaign is in full swing, and we are at about 39% participation. A parent will be donating a big Moolah flag to place out front to remind parents to give to the Moolah campaign.
  • A letter reminder will be sent to parents as a reminder about donating to Moolah.
  • John will post reminder in Skylines.
  • A drawing will be held in February for ski passes for families who have donated to Moolah.
  • Development Committee meeting minutes can be found here.
  • Spring community event is not a fundraising effort.
  • 8th grade trip has raised all of their funds needed for the trip.
  • Frank reviewed the Horizons K-8 2015-2016 990 tax filing with the Board. Everything looks straightforward.

M&S: Motion to approve the 2015-2016 990 tax filing. Motion Approved.

Technology Committee Report:

  • Gathering information from faculty about long term vision for Technology at Horizons K-8
  • Creating long term strategy for two year tech refresh cycle and spending
  • Will plan to spend 20k of Council funds in FY17 for this refresh cycle
  • Will consider refresh of Computer lab for this cycle

Compensation Committee Report:


  • Jim reviewed minutes of the compensation committee, that can be read here. Recommendation after reviewing data is to increase teacher pay scale by 5.5% next fall as an incentive to keep and attract teachers to the school. The impact on Fund 11 2017/2018 would be about $20k. Staff pay scales will need to be reviewed in the coming weeks.

New Business

Next steps for proposals to compensation and/or staffing changes for 2017-18:

  • Faculty board to meet to look at whole picture and present staffing change proposals to all faculty. John would like to propose that the evening custodian position be made full time, as well as a full time 5th-8th grade special education para as well.
  • Faculty board to present final proposals to board.

Action Items:

  • John will create a faculty board meeting time.
  • Next meeting is Thursday, March 9th


The meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm

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