Board Meeting: February 24, 2014

Facilitators, co­chairs: Danny and John

Time Keeper:

Location and Time: Horizons K­8 Hub, 6­830pm

6:00 Call to order:

Danny Conroy, John McCluskey, Rosemary McKnight, Ron Wawrzynek, Beth Coleman, Nel

Woller, Liz Meador, Kevin Holst, Nichole Houser, Laurie Braunstein. Visitor Kirk (parent). Denise

DellaRocco (minutes keeper). not present: Cheri Felix and Jim Freund

Celebrations, cares, concerns.

6:10 Secretary’s Report: Approval of minutes from 1/30/14 (see notes)

6:15 Principal’s Report:

6 Glasser Schools, creating a cohort. MS Conferences, different than K­5. Active Rec,

Spanish, Music, Art, as faculty starts thinking about the vacant positions will be filled, it will come

to Board for final approval. Calendar changes, look at start and end dates to communicate to


6:20 Treasurer’s Finance Review Committee Report:

7 months through fiscal year. Climbing wall and garden backup for Cap Construction

money. Paddle raiser, GOCO. Council budget expenditures (fundraised money) need to be

approved by the council.

6:30 Workshop on Roles and Responsibilities:

Transferring data onto the wall from the workshop. Goal to clarify who is responsible to

make decisions, Board, Administration, Faculty, Council. Topics include, School, Academic,

Staffing, Parent/Student, Finance/Business Operations. What areas do we need clarification on,

pick 5? Most stars noted in Staffing, few sections in school. Lots of clustering on the same

topics from faculty and board.

Whip Around with Board (SEE SUMMARY CHART THAT FOLLOWS) the board was asked for

top priorities that need clarification:

hiring firing/admin/staff, evaluating school performance, strategic plan develop/implement,

financial decisions based on budget.

developing strategic plan/implementing, hiring firing admin/staff, making financial decisions.

developing strategic plan/implementing, hiring firing staff/administrative clarifying roles of all

involved, responding to parent complaints, evaluating staff, making financial decisions within

parameters of budget, daily budget expenditures.

strategic plan implementing part, hires fires instructional/admin, response to parental

complaints, maintains external community relations, makes financial decisions, develops job


develops strategic plan, sets of hires/fires/evaluates, evaluates instructional staff, parental

complaints, approves daily budget expenditures, parameters of budget.

develops strategic plan, implements. hiring firing,budget parameters, ? around parent


hiring firing evaluations, issue of approving policies and handbooks, creation of maintaining

handbook (not clarity), employees create terms of employment, who approves? strategic plan.

strategic plan broken up, if every box is checked who owns it, break them up, board develops

admin implements, hire/fires, evaluates school performance, makes financial decisions.

responds to parental complaints (as a board), maintaining external communication, financial


develops strategic plan/implement, parent complaints (needs met), evaluating school

performance, who makes financial decisions, approving daily budget expenditure (what is it).

Priorities of Roles and Responsibilities from Board (from above):

Strategic plan development/implementation 9 responses

Hiring Firing Admin/Staff 8 responses

Financial decisions based on budget 7 responses

Responding to parent complaints 5 responses

Evaluating school performance 3 responses

Evaluating staff/admin 3 responses

Daily budget expenditures 3 responses

Maintains external community relations 2 responses

Parameters of budget 2 responses

Issue of approving policies/handbooks 1 response

Develops job descriptions 1 response

Terms of employment, who approves? 1 response

Board develops, admin implements 1 response

Board accountability?

Council, was not in the context in the survey. What is the role? How many decisions made at

council, how many made at board? Reenergize, dialogue. Council’s role may not have been

identified with the terms. Vote for council members via write in creating equity in the community,

not allowed currently with bylaws.

All rolled up in one, incorrect with lens of bylaws. Not just on paper, on a spreadsheet.

7:49 Strategic Plan tabled to next meeting.

7:50 Committee memberships (executive, finance, development, faculty):

Give charges to committee, think about goals, transient nature (1 year) will help define roles.

Does it fit within the structure of the board? Faculty could be more represented, shared

leadership input, visioning strategic planning, educational side could be on committee? What is


Executive committee? Smaller group take a decision to the board in a timely nature. Guidance

around board evaluation, steers internal integrity of the board.

Moved to Council to determine committees charters (community parent group and diversity

group). Agree.

NEED parent and faculty director of the Development Committee. ( Motion was made to approve

Liz and Danny)

Faculty Directors on the board understanding they are the Faculty Committee.

8:10 Hiring Process Approval:

Redline approving changes to policy the Board currently operates under (passed in July

2013). Conversation happened and it wasn’t revisited, next meeting come with proposal for


8:17 Other items:

Retreat, postpone to next year, agreed upon.

Board faculty and parents, who is going to return. All 1 year tenure, need to be voted back

in. Approved Denise DellaRocco as assistant secretary, Laurie has officially resigned her

secretary seat.

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