Board Meeting: February 19, 2015

Facilitator: John and Danny

Location and Time: Horizons K­8 Conference Room, 5:30 pm

Call to Order: John McCluskey, Kevin Holst, Danny Conroy, Beth Coleman, Orion Poplawski,

Jim Freund, Andrea Foote, Ron Wawrzynek, Phil Taylor, Pat Smalley, Recorder, Denise

DellaRocco. Also present: Sally Warren, Hope Nelson­Roohr.

Action item:

Fill the vacant board position of parent member that resigned. Discuss if it’s being filled 14­15

or wait until next year 15­16.

M&S 6:15 pm going into executive session for the specific grounds listed in C.R.S. §

24­6­402(4) as follows, section F. Personnel matters (Note that “personnel matters” does not

include discussions concerning a member of the charter school board or the appointment of a

person to fill a vacancy on the board. Nor does the topic include discussion of general

personnel policies like salary schedules. The exception occurs only when an individual

employee or group of employees are discussed.); Approved.

Exited executive session at 6:45. Board voted unanimously to review an evaluation system for

Principal at next board meeting.

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