Board Meeting: February 15, 2019


Board of Horizons K-8 School

February 15, 2019

2:00-4 pm

Facilitators: John Brendza

Minutes: Julie Dye

Timekeeper: Natalie Bauer

Call to Order:  

Monica Fitzgerald, Julie Dye, Frank Bruno, Kate Grant, Elizabeth Coleman, Teran Sittner, Annie Blankenship

Cory Pavicich, Paul Martin


Faculty in attendance: Lisa Kihn, Peter Hegelbach, Annie Blankenship, Jim Freund, Teran Sittner, Pat Smalley, Ryan Conrad, Kate Grant, Emmy Kurtz, Julie Cohen, Natalie Senske, Stephanie Landrum, Brian, Beth White, Fran Cohen, Traci Bushnell, Aubrey Demmon, Lynn Dobransky Pence


Guests: Sarah Arabian


Meeting Objectives:

  1. Examine the elements necessary for effective & successful Charter School.
  2. To allow you to share your thoughts, concerns & suggestions for Horizons future evolution.


Charter Schools:

Looking at non-profit structure, using public money and there are legal requirements for transparency.


Public record–only thing not public record is student records and personnel files.


Contract is with the Board of Directors, not the entire school for oversight, governance compliance, Strategic priorities:

  1. Financial Responsibility: Horizons has a budget of about $4 million
  2. Student learning-assessments–summative assessments are nationally normed and formative assessments that are daily in the classroom. Board
  3. School climate & culture
  4. Governance & operations-Board would deal with civil, HR, discipline. Administrative policies would be more day to day. Board oversees bylaws.
  5. Vision and mission-where we are going?


Board should have goal around each strategic priority and those go through the Head of School to Faculty and Support


Strategic Plan


Governance Structure–How Board makes decisions


Board of Directors


Head of School


Faculty & Support


Discussion areas:

  • Role of Head of School
  • Board composition
  • Board best practices
  • Decision making process
  • Balance core philosophical values
  • Council approval process/concordance
  • Spirit of teacher leadership built into bylaws/structure
  • Systems of accountability

Next regularly scheduled meeting is Thursday, March 5, 2018

Adjourn at 4 pm

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