Board Meeting: February 11, 2016

Board of Horizons K8 School
Date: February 11, 2016
Facilitators, CoChairs:
John and Andrea
Time Keeper : Jim Freund
Location and Time : Horizons K8
Conference Room, 6:00pm
Call to Order :
John McCluskey, Orion Poplawski, Jim Freund, Nel Woller, Andrea Foote, Beth Coleman, Peter
Hegelbach, Nichole Houser, Lee Quinby, Anne Hudson
Welcome C,C,Cs:
Moolah campaign is going well; ⅚ trip to symphony; panel of 8th graders and current high school
students to check in about their transition experience to high school; discussion of increasing
hours for part time staff including art, and possibly spanish and computer science
Lee Quinby Board Presentation:
● Introduction by Andrea. Lee is the head of Association of Colorado Independent
Schools. Lee discussed his experience over 10 years of working with independent
school boards. It is perennial and ongoing work for boards to take care of process
(clarification of roles and responsibilities). New School year is a great time for initiating
goal setting.
● Three norms to consider as well as process for accountability. 1) listen with an open
mind 2) treat others with respect 3) speak only when you have something constructive to
● “First person to speak is not a process observer”
● Start each year with a goal of what you want to accomplish know
what your critical path
is. Meetings should include more action/goal setting than talk. Identify two or three tasks
as goals to accomplish over the year outside of routine work (such as budget work).
Board that are highly successful have set goals to achieve.
● Process vs. product oriented board members: can have feedback process for meetings
where board members can make sticky notes in two columns for a + sign =good, and
delta sign = what would we change comments for meetings. Having an end of year/June
meeting review of Board process and procedure can be helpful
● Strategic plan 13
years more realistic than 5 year plan in changing world
● In review of SWOT analysis outreach/
connecting with other charter schools
● How do we grow/improve as a school from core principals about self directed learning
and community contributors
● Develop a criteria list for evaluating new ideas that come along
● Three pitfalls of Boards:
○ 1. Be clear about function . Do some work to clarify the purpose of the design of
the Board function,
scope of authority, expertise, size. Be accountable for
fiduciary responsibilities. Define what oversight looks like
○ 2. Create decision making alignment : Authority about curriculum lies with the
○ 3. Have a clear agenda and stick to it
Approval of January Minutes:
The Board reviewed the minutes for the January 14 board meeting.
M & S: Motion to approve the January 14 2016 minutes. Motion approved.
The Board reviewed the minutes for the January 27 supplemental board meeting.
M & S: Motion to approve the January 27 2016 minutes. Motion approved.
Review of February 2016 Principal’s Report
Finance Review:
● Financial analyst hiring update: the right person was found, but did not accept the job, so
the search for right candidate will continue.
● John reviewed updates on tax return filing for the board review.
Old Business:
● Update regarding sabbatical/family leave. John has been communicating with the school
district requesting a written statement over the district’s offer to waive the cap.
● SWOT analysis in context of Lee’s presentation. Andrea will send out the SWOT
information given to Lee Quinby.
New Business:
● John discussed the timeline for job postings and hiring process for 2162017.
Board approval, the job openings will be posted February 29th.
M & S : Motion to approve the hiring of three 1.0 FTE licensed teachers. Motion approved.
Committee Reports:
● Longview fund is happening, with a few committed donors.
● Development committee is meeting monthly
● Moolah campaign update Moolah
fund is at about 70K
● Great Education Colorado is a movement to look at alternative school funding (away
from TABOR)
Announcements :
● March 11 Effective Boards conference
● Action items between meetings:
● Andrea will send out SWOT information to Board
● John will get the Great Education Colorado information posted in Skylines
● John and faculty will meet to discuss how to post the open positions.
M & S : Motion to close at 8:05. Motion approved.

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