Board Meeting: December 12, 2013

Facilitators: Danny and John

Time Keeper: Liz

Location and Time: Horizons K­8 conference Room 6­8:30


6:00 Call to Order

Roll Call

Celebrations, Cares, Concerns

6:10 Secretary’s Report: Approval of minutes

Some discussion was had regard to whether reports should be included in the minutes. It was decided

that presentations do not need to be included but that we would create a google folder that would

contain all reports that are for the public eye in this folder by date. Attention was drawn to being sure

that matters of compensation be treated accordingly in regard to reporting.

Discussion ensued regarding the Nov. 14th minutes. Rosemary agreed to connect with Laurie to

remove #4 and #5 and make further adjustments as discussed and bring to next meeting for approval.

6:15 Treasurer’s/Finance Committee Report (To be given below)

6:20 Principal’s Report

6:30 Committee Chair Reports


Discussion included posting recognitions and awards on website, periodically updating the community

on fundraising efforts and the development of an alumni database

­Faculty (Update on League of Charter School membership)

There was not concordance amongst the various teams in regard to membership. It was agreed to wait

until after meeting Nora Flood and hearing more about the League in person to make a final decision

regarding membership. Membership Fee is $1700 annually and $400 for a one time training.

6:45 Work Session

13­14 Budget overview. This month, Ron will walk us through the budget in depth as we will need to

approve a budget for this year during our January meeting. This will require a thorough overview of the

budget and the issues that are in need of decisions so that board members can be prepared to move on

the budget in January.

Ron walked us through the budget and some discussion was had regarding the use of debit cards for

travel instead of check.

7:45 Old Business


The Horizons K­8 Employee Handbook was approved for this year and will need to be approved on

an annual basis.

8:00 New Business

Preparation for Board training in January. Bylaws review of the purpose and role of our board. Take

time here to brainstorm what we would like to learn from Nora Flood in her time with us in January.

What would we like her focus to be? What would we like to know more about? Strategic planning


A google doc was created for ideas in preparation for this training.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05PM

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