Board Meeting: December 10, 2015

Board of Horizons K-8 School
Date: December 10, 2015

Facilitators, Co-Chairs: John and Andrea
Time Keeper: Peter Hegelbach
Location and Time: Horizons K-8 Conference Room, 6:00pm

Call to Order:
John McCluskey, Orion Poplawski, Jim Freund, Ron Wawrzynek, Nel Woller, Andrea Foote, Peter Hegelbach, Kevin Holst, Beth Coleman, Anne Hudson

Board Discussion:
The Board began with a welcome, celebrations, and check in. Celebrations included: the Horizons K-8 Choir performance at Mackey Auditorium; the Ami Dayan fundraiser for Elizabeth’s fund; the successful Artastic Fair.

Approval of November Minutes:
The Board reviewed the November minutes. A correction was made, spelling SWOT instead of SWAT.

M & S: Motion to approve the November Minutes. Motion Seconded

Finance Review Report:
○ FY 15 final numbers
The Board discussed the progress preparing the Budget review process, beginning with the Fund 11 Details document. The overage was primarily a result of the GOCO grants coming in. Aftercare also came in above anticipated income. Winter Sports also exceeded expectations with under budgeting. The Summer program had income in last fiscal year but expenses in this year’s budget. The benefits difference was from two paraeducators leaving mid year as well as some employees not taking advantage of offered benefits. The Board discussed philosophy of how to review budget throughout the year. The suggested process was to prepare a monthly update as well as review of benefits usage mid-year and forecasting.

○ FY 16 Revised budget discussion and Questions/comments for FRC to finalize Revised for January approval
BVSD was not able to provide reconciliation to this point (don’t know adjusted purchase service cost as well as overrides); actual per pupil revenue amount went down and adjustment was made; Expenses are about $66k down; salary benefit shift attributed to difference from Elizabeth to Shannon; benefits actuals have been adjusted down; proposed increases in budget for an accountant’s salary; proposing an $11k increase in supply budget due to more expensive supply costs as well as de-icing equipment; Board discussed if we are meeting our 20% target reserves goal. Also, Board discussed increase in Faculty variable pay.
Action item: Finance Review Committee will adjust the budget based on November and December actuals and BVSD Reconciliation adjustments, and any other necessary adjustments, clarify and come with an operating reserve amount and will look with Board’s guidance on what to do with that amount.

Action item: Andrea and John along with the FRC will work to determine totals for budget talking points.

○ FY 15 Audit approval
The audit has been submitted to the state and is complete.

M & S: Motion to approve the FY 15 Audit. Motion Approved.

○ Accountant update and approval of next steps
Sarah has resigned her position with Horizons, and will help transition to a new accountant. The school will need to hire a replacement accountant/financial planner to prepare 2015 tax accounting. The cost of the position going forward would be $12500 for remainder of year

M & S: Motion to approve John and Andrea will work on job description and seek recommendations for accountant. Salary of $12500 allocated for the position for the remainder of the school year. Motion approved.

Old Business:

○ Board Job Descriptions updates and additions to consider for approval. Regarding the question of Development involvement, suggested revision that Board members should support rather than be part of the Development committee. Regarding the Treasurer position, the job description is for the Treasurer should provide oversight to financial matters of the school. Faculty members recommend to serve for 2 years. Recommended changes to Parent Chair role.

M & S: Motion to approve Board Job Descriptions with changes

○ Board Goals 15­16 SWOT Analysis discussion, review and next steps
This item will be tabled until January.

New Business:
Open enrollment policy has been adjusted to allow open enrolled students a sabbatical to return to their school. However, Charter schools do not have to follow this BVSD policy. The current Horizons K-8 attendance policy is that if a student misses 10 consecutive days (barring extenuating circumstances), the student’s spot is forfeited.
The Board discussed whether or not to amend open enrollment policy not to reserve a spot for a student taking a mid year leave. The Board recommends that the discussion should move to Council in January.

Committee Reports:
Due to time constraints, committee reports were tabled until January

○ TOSA feedback tool in process
Discussion was tabled until January

The Board Adjourned at 8:26

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