Board Meeting: August 17, 2017


Board of Horizons K-8 School

Date: August 17, 2017


Facilitators:   Lauren Tracey and Frank Bruno

Timekeeper:  Joan Truesdale

Minutes: Denise DellaRocco

Process Observer- Kate Grant

Welcome and C C C (Cares, Concerns, Celebrations) :

Ice breaker game!

Call to Order:  

Lauren Tracey, Kelly Garrison, Frank Bruno, Julie Cohen, Peter Hegelbach, Jamie Schlomberg, Monica Fitzgerald

Also: Joan Truesdale, Geary Layne, Denise DellaRocco, Paul Ramer, Liza McKenzie

Not present: Julie Dye, Jim Freund, Jill Siegel-Stone

Approval of Agenda

M&S acceptance of agenda for 8/17/17 – approved

Approval of Minutes:

June 2017

M&S acceptance of minutes for 6/8/17 – approved

Approval of officers:

Frank Bruno- executive committee co-chair

Peter H faculty co-chair

Jaime Schlomberg- treasurer

Monica Fitzgerald- vice chair

Secretary- TBE at next meeting

M&S acceptance of approval of officers- approved

Action items:

Principal evaluation based on standards, start process, external evaluator

Propose principal evaluation process be added to Board Calendar (Fall goal, Jan- Mid year, April final review)

Announce public comment policy at start of meeting

Board Drive for all documents

Figure out annual responsibility and expense of providing evaluator service (budget placeholder)

Conflict of Interest board form to be signed

Print out and utilize open meeting law requirements

Proposal to amend bylaws regarding faculty members:

Motion to amend bylaws for faculty board members to 1 full year of Horizons K-8 employment to be eligible with ½ faculty members having 3 years of experience at Horizons K-8.

M&S to approve – approved

Recommendation to hire:

    • Recommendation to hire: Bryanna Wehr, PE & Aftercare
    • Recommendation to hire: Rebecca Maiolo, SpEd 6-8

M&S to approve the hiring of Bryanna Wehr, Rebecca Maiolo  – seconded approved

M&S to approve One employee of aftercare be benefit eligible with a regular schedule – approved

Process observer notes

8:33 adjourned

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