Board Meeting: August 14, 2014

Facilitators, co­chairs: John and Danny

Time Keeper:

Location and Time: Horizons K­8 Hub, 6:30 pm

Call to order:

Liz Meador, Laurie Braunstein, Pat Smalley, Kevin Holst, Danny Conroy, John McCluskey,

Orion Poplawksi, Jim Freund, Ron Wawrzynek, Beth Coleman, Nel Woller, . Minutes Keeper,

Denise DellaRocco Missing: Phil Taylor

Cares, Concerns, Celebrations, 6:32pm:

Kids coming back! 7­8 Retreat!

Secretary Report, 6:37pm:

See the back of the Board Meeting Handbook

Action Item: Approval of Minutes from June 2014. Approved

6:45pm Motion for Election of Officers:

Kevin Holst, Vice Chair, parent. Approved!

Liz Meador, Vice Chair, faculty. Approved!

Laurie Braunstein, Secretary. Approved!

Treasurer (to talk at Finance review)

Terms for parent board members:

3 parents for 2 years, 3 parents 1 year. Decision on how the split breaks out will come within

the next few months.


Faculty: Jim Freund, Beth Coleman, Pat Smalley, Liz Meador, Nel Woller.

Finance: Kevin Holst (parent­board) as addition.

Compensation: Ron Wawrzynek, Jim Freund, Beth Coleman, Orion Poplawksi as additions.

Technology: Orion Poplawski as addition.

Summer Programming Development: Danny Conroy as addition.

Principal’s Report (7:15pm):

Solid working teams at each grade level, protocols in place. Reconfiguration puts HK­8 in a

great light in the conversation in Colorado, what does multiage look like in a K­8.

Multi­tiered system of support. Kids advancing or struggling, supporting them.

School will have a set of goals, as well as the board will have a set of goals to implement as a

part of the strategic. The strategic plan should allow the board to support the school in

achieving their goals. Focused on what’s happening in faculty meeting and allowing that to

drive top 5 things for the board in support of faculty.

Treasurer’s Report 7:40pm:

Fundraising a bit down, but meeting what we have budgeted.

See spreadsheets with specific data budgeted vs. actual.

Fund 11 Budget for the school, approved can be revised in January.

Amended June 17, 2014 minutes to FY15 proposed budget in line item! (Move to vote,

Approved FY15 budget. APPROVED

8:20 Welcome New Board Members!

Board Member Handbook, allow this handbook to guide so the meetings don’t turn into work

sessions, not micromanaging, staying in touch with direct communication agreements.

***Action Item! Next meeting have a conversation about the commitments, documents,

repository, online storage, etc. Time lines, deadlines for topics discussed at Board


Strategic Plan and Mission, to be brought to the next meeting.

Recommendation to hire Alison Santmyer. Approved!

Development committee, mindful of language in the charter around fundraising, tuition, fees,

etc. Review BVSD’s fundraising policies.

8:35 meeting closed.

Next Meeting September 25th.

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