Board Meeting: August 11, 2016

Board of Horizons K-8 School
Date: August 11, 2016

Facilitators : Andrea and John
Call to Order :
John McCluskey, Adam Brink, Jill Siegel-Stone, Andrea Foote, Anne Hudson, Peter Hegelbach,
Beth Coleman, Jim Freund, Frank Bruno, Kelly Garrison
Connect, Review, Renew
The Board members introduced themselves, and engaged in team building activities.
Board Agreements were reviewed, amended, and discussed in regards to how the Board will
meet as a community for the coming year. A request was made to have reports available on the
Friday prior to the Board meeting
M&S: Motion to approve the Board Agreements and proposal to have Board reports available
prior to the Board meeting. Motion Seconded.
The Board reviewed the planned regular business for the 2016-2017 school year, by month.
Board members will review the folder ‘Board Documents’ on the shared drive for essential
documents. John informed the Board that the Horizons K-8 charter will be due for renewal in
2019-2020. Board members were invited to contribute to adding agenda items throughout the
Board Roles to fill:
John reviewed the Board roles to be filled for the 2016-2017 year.
Executive Committee:
● Co-Chair: Andrea Foote
● Vice-Chair: Anne Hudson
● Faculty-Chair: Peter Hegelbach
● Secretary *Will be voted on at the September Board meeting*
● Treasurer Frank Bruno
Anne Hudson was nominated as the Vice-Chair.
M&S: Motion to approve Anne Hudson as the Vice-Chair. Motion Approved.
Peter Hegelbach volunteered to be the Faculty Chair.
M&S: Motion to approve Peter Hegelbach as the Faculty Chair. Motion Approved.
Frank Bruno volunteered to be the Treasurer.
M&S: Motion to approve Frank Bruno as the Treasurer. Motion Approved.
Action item : Add role of Secretary to September Board Agenda
The Board reviewed the following committees for the year:
● Finance Review: Frank Bruno as Treasurer, one faculty and one parent in addition to
John McCluskey. Joan is also a member of this committee.
● Development: Kelly Garrison, one faculty member, and John McCluskey
● Compensation: Jim Freund, Frank Bruno, Jill Siegel-Stone, and John McCluskey
Action item : Finance review committee faculty member at September Board Meeting
Action item: Development Committee faculty member at September Board Meeting
● Approval of June Minutes. The Board members from 2015-2016 only voted to approve
the Minutes.
M&S: Motion to approve the June 9, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes. Motion Approved.
Principal’s Report :
Discussion of Faculty priorities was tabled until September Board meeting.
Action item : Discuss 2016-2017 Faculty Priorities to this point:
● Technology and ISTE report out
● Summer learning report outs
● All things Garden K-8
● SEL and next steps for a K-8 approach
● Curriculum mapping in all areas
● Open enrollment and implications/our narrative
● UIP: Unified Improvement Plan for upcoming year
● Instructional Rounds
● Assessment sharing and looking at data. VizLab
● Para relationship/use
● MTSS update and plans for this year
● Reading Plus, READ plans for middle level
● Enrich Training
● Testing implications for upcoming year
Hiring Updates: The Board reviewed the hiring updates for the 2016-2017 school year.
M&S: Motion to approve the new employees for the 2016-2017 school year. Motion approved.
Continuing/New ½ Teacher Shannon Waugh
New ½ Teacher Natalie Bauer
New ¾ Teacher Emmy Kurtz
New ¾ Teacher Kate Grant
New Elementary Spanish Teacher Maria Semprun
New 5/8 Grade Math Teacher Diane Diesh
New Health Clinic/Office Paraprofessional Kathy Gilbert
New Elementary Spec. Ed. Para Jenny Green
New ¾ Para Irene Leary with Adam
New ¾ Para Hadleigh Rhodes with Emmy
New 5/6 Para Kateri Saeks with Peter
New 5/6 Para Becca Heisler with Lynn
New ⅞ Special Ed. Para TBD
New AfterCare Coordinator Jeanne Kipke
New AfterCare Assistant Jenny Green
New (to us) Speech Therapist Maria Madjar
Action Item : September Agenda should include a FY 16 Expenditures Update
Critical Path Discussion
The Board reviewed and discussed the Critical Path document, and discussed what critical path
this Board needs to take. How can this Board support the school, from a policy standpoint? The
Board discussed the Bylaws as a foundation for how the Board should operate. A proposed task
could be to determine a summary statement of the function of the Board.
M&S: Motion to Adjourn at 6:06. Motion Approved.

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