Board Meeting: April 8, 2013

In attendance:

Board: John, Jim, Beth, Peter, Nicole, Cece, Rosemary, Kateri, Danny, Laurie

Community at large: Ron Wawrzynek


Staff viewed this issue as a benefits policy issue and not an open enrollment issue. Felt it was within

their purview. On further discussion, it is actually an open enrollment policy issue as it would require a

modification or waiver of a BVSD policy and an amendment to Charter documents.

1. Staff wanted to eliminate the “golden ticket” loophole which has occurred in the past, i.e.,

parents could come to work at Horizons for relatively short periods of time and get their kids

into the school as “employees”. Thus, a decision to require 1 year waiting period for employees

not working as regular licensed faculty – basically para’s, office staff, special ed and A&S only


2. Further, staff in an effort to attract the “best of the best” in terms of teacher candidates,

wanted to offer the immediate enrollment benefit to all hired teachers (whether hired as 1 year

contract teachers, or long-term hires.)

3. Allow enrollment benefit for staff with 10 hours a week, to support “quality and specialization

of staff”

Ron (public comment) —

1. suggests looking at overall open enrollment policy as the goal of the school ultimately is to serve

the public. Notes that BVSD puts siblings first. We need to look at the policy and recognize that

in essence we’re making a value judgment of who’s kids are most important, faculty’s?, staff’s?

general public?

2. Suggests applying rules consistently for all employees. Thereby avoiding disenfranchised feeling

from staff.

3. If rules are applied differently, provide “compelling reason” as to why that’s the case.

Go-around –

• Sees waiting period for paras and office staff as okay because it’s easier to be hired in those

positions, no need for license.

• Recognizes that there is a larger issue of overall OE policy, however this is not the time – we are

just looking at whether we require a waiting period for non-faculty. Concern is over parents who

worked short periods of time just to get their kids in and then quit.

• 1 year contract hires recognize they will need to be re-interviewed if position becomes available

as long term, thus desirable to have 1 year waiting period as per staff. It also avoids giving

benefit to a short term employee who will no longer be at the school by the time their child

enters. Also Horizons is a publicly funded school serving the public interest.

• Has worked virtually all permutations of employment at Horizons, full and part-time! Suggests

priority should be available for substantial part-time faculty position (eg afternoon job share)

because the job share position is difficult and way more time consuming than just the

contracted hours. The same cannot be said, in Beth’s experience, for the more minor part-time

faculty positions eg 4 hour Friday morning job share.

• Supports one year waiting period. Recognizes need for larger OE discussion at later time.

• It is important to clarify definitions of “faculty” vs “staff”.

• Pointed out that at other schools it is not at all the norm for a teacher to expect that their kids

will go to school where they work. It is not a given. Suggests considering non-temp faculty at

0.25 FTE to align with staff at 10 hrs/week.

• The question of what is an employee is a “personnel” issue and as such, must be dealt with

knowledgeably, with integrity at the highest level. Faculty is concerned about creating a second

class citizen or diminishing the status of a 1 year hire in the community’s eyes.


Give enrollment preference to:

• Non-temp faculty member in first or subsequent year, working in a licensed Faculty position of

0.25 or greater

• Staff members in 2nd consecutive year or subsequent of employment with 10+ hours/week

Also propose asking Council to create a task force comprising representation from all the stakeholders

(Faculty, Staff and Parents) to review OE. (Preferably this would be done in time to meet the deadlines

for next year’s OE, but that timeline may not be feasible.)

Concordance NOT reached.

Several calls to table the issue entirely. Let things stand as they are now and work on bigger picture next


Reconvene Thursday April 11, 7:00AM

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