Board Meeting: April 28, 2017


Board of Horizons K-8 School

Date: April 28, 2017



Facilitators:   John McCluskey and Andrea Foote

Call to Order:  

John McCluskey, Frank Bruno, Peter Hegelbach, Jim Freund, Nichole Houser, Kelly Garrison, Shannon Hassan, Anne Hudson, Beth Coleman, Andrea Foote, Jill Siegel-Stone, Paul Ramer

Welcome and C,C,C’s

  • 8th grade trip was phenomenal, the group got to meet with Representative Jared Polis
  • The Wing Ding is tomorrow (April 29th, 2017)

Hiring Update:

  • Principal Hiring Recommendation:
    • 6 people were interviewed, 2 top candidates, one withdrew her name, third candidate was called in for the performance/on site interview.
    • Performances and interview questions reinforced what the community was looking for, evidence to support what the community was looking for. References were called.
    • Process concluded today (April 28). Consensus built around the process
    • Hiring committee would like to recommend Lauren Tracey as the next principal. She has accepted the offer. Salary has not been negotiated but range of salary is posted.
    • Any questions regarding the hiring process can come to Peter Hegelbach as Faculty Co Chair or Andrea Foote as Parent Co-Chair.

M&S: Motion to approve Lauren Tracey as the next Principal at Horizons K-8. Motion Seconded. Motion approved. Lauren Tracey approved as the next Principal of Horizons K-8.

  • ¾ Hiring Recommendation:
    • Elizabeth Miller is recommended as the candidate for the ¾ teaching position.
    • Details regarding the candidate can be found here.
    • The candidate excelled in the classroom teacher experience.

M&S Motion to approve Elizabeth Miller for the ¾ teaching position. Motion Seconded. Motion Approved. Elizabeth Miller will take the ¾ teaching position.

  • ⅚ Hiring Recommendation:
    • Large number of candidates for the position.
    • 6 candidates interviewed, 3 asked to teach a lesson (1 remotely).
    • Top candidate is Annie Blankenship.
    • Details regarding the candidate can be found here.
    • Lesson taught was physics (pendulums), strengths are in math and science, done remotely (her current students).
    • Reference calls were very positive.

M&S: Motion to approve Annie Blankenship as the ⅚ teacher. Motion Seconded. Motion Approved.

Other Hiring Updates

  • ½ classroom teacher:
    • Beth Coleman will replace Nichole Houser as the new ½ teacher
  • Kindergarten:
    • Kindergarten position will be posted. There are several internal applicants but they are not from equitable positions (having current homeroom) and so must go through the hiring process.
  • 6-8 Special Ed:
    • Position has been posted.
    • 3 parents have been selected for the meeting. Board member needed for the hiring committee, but Board support for approval can be used.
    • Policy for hiring committees to be current community members.
  • KE/Para:
    • The KE/Para position has been posted. This position involves being the Enrichment coordinator as well.
  • Office Assistant:
    • Office Assistant position has been posted. John will check in with the new Principal regarding how to proceed.
  • Paras:
    • Jaclyn and John will work on Para hiring process.

The Meeting adjourned at 5:04pm.


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