Board Meeting: April 14, 2016

Board of Horizons K8
Date: April 14, 2016

Facilitators, CoChairs: John and Andrea
Time Keeper : Jim
Location and Time : Horizons K8 Conference Room, 6:00pm
Process Observer: Shannon Hassan

Call to Order :
John McCluskey, Orion Poplawski, Nel Woller, Andrea Foote, Nichole Houser, Anne Hudson,
Shannon Hassan, Peter Hegelbach, Beth Coleman

Welcome C,C,C’s:
Interview process brought excellent candidates to the table. Ultimate Peace was a fun and
successful presentation to the 56
classes. Keep teacher candidate Ed in our thoughts as he
heads out for significant heart surgery.

Approval of minutes: March 10, 2016
The Board reviewed and discussed the March 10, 2016 minutes. A correction was made to the
Principal’s report regarding number of students testing to date.
M & S : Motion to approve the March 10, 2016 minutes. Motion approved.

Principal’s Report:
John reviewed the Principal’s report. One additional note regarding Coffee and Conversation:
parents attending the talk requested a resources bin for health and wellness to share amongst
the parent community. The Board commented that resources available to the community should
be noted as not endorsed by Horizons K8.
Finance Review:
○ Financial Analyst hiring and budget process update:
The committee has found an analyst named Patrick Hall. Patrick has nonprofit experience and
understands the CDE Chart of accounts as well as Charter school funding, and brings a lot of
experience to the table. Additionally, Denise and Joan will be undergoing spreadsheet training
to increase knowledge of how to manage the budget process, requiring less time from the
financial analyst. The Board expressed intent that the financial analyst will be able to provide
projections and forecast financial planning for three to five years in order to plan budget
changes with confidence.

○ FY 16 Budget review
John reviewed the FY 16 actuals. Overall, expenses are on target or as expected to date.○ FY 16 Expenditures
John reviewed the document FY 16 Funds, specifically the items considered for purchase with
the incoming $40k capital improvement funding.

○ FY 17 review
John reviewed new information from BVSD regarding the initial per pupil operating revenue
expected for FY 17. A few items may change, including the estimated cost of the financial
analyst position. John presented a draft of faculty proposed ideas and suggestions for staffing
needs in 2016-2017
● Proposals at this point: (all except COLA are included in budget)
● Increase Lit. Specialists from .36 to .45 (for two Lit. Specialists)
● Increase Counselor from 10 to 12 hours per week
● Increase Art Instructor from .5 to .7 FTE
● COLA for Hourly employees at 1.2% inflation rate (Add $3200 to budget)
● Increase evening custodian from 32.5 to 35 hours per week

● FY 17 Funding priorities per faculty for board and additional faculty consideration:
■ Compensation scenarios were discussed regarding salary schedules, comparing
various BVSD and Jefferson County schools and charter schools in the area. The first 45
years of Horizon’s salary schedule is lower than other schools. Jim looked at the possibility of
bumping up the first 5 years of Horizon’s salary schedule to make it comparable to other
schools. An alternative scenario is a 1% salary schedule and look at locking in a variable pay
percentage increase of 1%.

The parent board members discussed the faculty compensation alternatives:
The Board proposed to increase the salary schedule by 1% for all salaried staff (teacher, office
professional, custodial, and administrative).

The Board proposed an action item for the finance review committee to include a reserve for
variable pay in the amount of 3.5%.

The Board proposed to change to the salary schedule for all salaried staff would be increased
by 4% for row A, 3% for row B, 2% for row C, and 1% or row D.

The Board proposed to increase hourly salary schedule by 1.5% to reflect COLA increase.

M&S: Motion to approve all parent Board member proposals. Motion Approved.

Old Business:
○ Discussion of Wells Fargo investing options was tabled until May.
○ Discussion of Board Member Documents for 16-17 was tabled until May.
○ Discussion of Summary of Board activity this year was tabled until May.
New Business:
○ Hiring Recommendations
The board discussed the interview process for the 4 open positions. 12 people were
interviewed. After another interview process, the candidate pool was narrowed to 7, then to the
4 proposed candidates.
M&S: Motion to approve the hire of the following teachers:
Emily Kurtz
Gianna Fable
Katelyn Grant
Shannon Waugh

The motion approved.
○ Longview Fund discussion was tabled until May.
○ Testing update: 72 74% opting out 3rd-8th grade.

○ Volunteer Appreciation on April 22ndparent
volunteers are encouraged to attend.
Action items between meetings:
Action item: The finance review committee to include a reserve for variable pay in the amount of 3.5%.

M & S : Motion to close at 8:16. Motion approved.

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