Board Meeting: April 13, 2017


Board of Horizons K-8 School

Date: April 13, 2017



Facilitators:   John McCluskey and Andrea Foote

Timekeeper:    Jim Freund

Process Observer: Shannon Hassan

Welcome and C C C (Cares, Concerns, Celebrations)

Celebration that Middle School standardized testing over. The Board and parent observers introduced themselves.


Call to Order:  

John McCluskey, Frank Bruno, Peter Hegelbach, Jim Freund, Nichole Houser, Kelly Garrison, Shannon Hassan, Anne Hudson, Beth Coleman, Andrea Foote, Jill Siegel-Stone, Chara Ramer, Denise Della Rocco, Joan Truesdale, Jamie Schlomberg, Julie Dye, Geary Layne, Liza McKenzie

Approval of minutes:

The Board reviewed the March 9, 2017 Minutes

M&S: Motion to approve the March 9, 2017 Minutes. Motioned seconded. Minutes approved.

Principal’s Report

  • Jim added that the week that the 8th graders are headed to Washington D.C., the 7th graders will be doing a week of service learning.
  • Please come to volunteer appreciation on Friday, April 14.
  • Opt out rate decreased this year – a change of about 10%

Finance Review Report

    • We are in our supplemental budget. Waiting for per pupil revenue numbers – John has heard that we can expect an increase instead of staying flat. The SBVSD recommends 2.48% increase in PPR.
    • Expecting to approve next budget by June Board meeting.
    • Instructional staff currently planning for FY 18
    • More details for FY 18 expected for May Board meeting
    • FRC recommends 2.48% increase in COLA for hourly employees salary schedules

Development Committee Report

  • Committee has been brainstorming ideas on how to increase participation. There was a suggestion to make announcement regarding fundraising at the Wing Ding.
  • We are within $5k of fundraising goal with current participation level of approximately 50%.
  • Want to target 3 separate areas – 1- parents thinking about open enrolling, 2- parents who have open enrolled, and 3- parents enrolled at school (back to school night?), so that the expectation of donations/fundraising is part of the experience.

Hiring Committee Report

Hiring updates for 2017-18:

  • Denise has organized the posting and accumulation of applications that has come in very well (including 20 for principal).
  • Interviews and site visits scheduled
  • Faculty input gathered
  • 6 candidates to be interviewed next Tuesday April 18, and will deliberate then invite 2 candidates back Thursday April 20.
  • 110 applicants for the ¾ position
  • 87 for ⅚ position
  • 8-30 minute interviews for ¾ position Monday, April 17
  • 6-30 minute interviews for ⅚ position Wednesday, April 19

Technology Committee Report

  • The Technology Committee Report was tabled due to length of Board meeting.

Compensation Committee Report

  • The Compensation Committee Report was tabled due to length of Board meeting.

New Business



  • Office Role, update and policy discussion/decisions


    • Rules were discussed around Office Role policy discussion: If the discussion becomes more of a personnel discussion, the Board meeting will go into an un-minuted Executive Session.
    • An employee has turned in retirement paperwork for the 110 year. There are requirements about what that means. The employee wants to rescind the retirement paperwork. BVSD does not allow this paperwork to be rescinded, employment can not be continued. Board needs to discuss policy around the situation. Proposal is to clarify policy around the 110 year. With new situation, we need to clarify a few things:
  • No insurance during 110 year
  • Annual leave policy during 110 year
  • A request was made to name the individual in question. The Board discussed again the requirement that the discussion needs to be Executive Session if discussion becomes a personnel discussion.
  • Any letter from the individual in question could only be read in personnel discussion in Executive Session
  • When the Bylaws were written and Charter agreement made, Horizons waived certain items of BVSD policy but elected to follow other items of BVSD policy. In regards to 110 year policies and the current situation, we did not waive BVSD policy (9.4 in our Charter).
  • Board can decide on a policy recommendation, but change to Charter is a lengthy process.
  • Adherence to policy is important – comes from a place of caring about children and future of this school. Decision making need to not be driven by emotions.
  • Proposal on the table (what is agreed on with BVSD):

-No insurance during the 110 year

-No annual leave

-Non reversible

-Only one 110 year can be granted per person

-Employee would be resigning current position

-Has ability to apply for next position at new base rate


  • The Board went into executive session
  • Returning to open Board meeting, there was a motion regarding proposal over office role policy

M&S: The Board moved to approve the office role policy:

  • Proposal regarding additions to 110 year policy moving forward:
    • No insurance during 110 year (Announced to Board on Sept. 28…need to vote to create policy)
    • No annual leave during 110 year
    • Terms of the 110 year cannot be reversed during the 110 year.
    • Base salary only (no longevity)
    • Non reversible
    • Only one 110 year will be granted per person.
    • Create document (from BVSD) for signature to include:
      • Employee is resigning current position
      • No guarantee to ongoing employment
      • 110 year can not be reversed

One Board member abstained. Motion approved by majority vote.


  • Breach of confidentiality, concern process, update and proposed changes to avoid breaches


    • The Board went into executive session


  • ½ position proposal – Agenda item discussed in Executive session


  • New board member recruitment and proposal for ongoing support for new Co-Chair
    • Celebration of high number of individuals running for the Board
    • Request from current Co-Chair to have transition and consultation to the next year
    • Could add to document ‘Internal Policies and Procedures’ or to Bylaws

*Action Item* May Board meeting proposal to write and create policy for new Parent Co-Chair.

*Action Item* Add to April Council meeting agenda to vote in May for next Parent Co-Chair

  • TOSA role
    • Proposal to sign document for Type D pursuit – alternative Principal license, as a professional development opportunity for the TOSA role. The TOSA would need to find a mentor for the Type D pursuit.
    • Opportunity to have a Type D backup for the school a benefit. Alternatively, there is a concern that there should clarity and transparency of position for the TOSA role.

M&S: Motion to allow TOSA to pursue alternative Type D license. Motion did not pass.

  • There will be 11 individuals on the principal hiring committee, increasing from standard of 10.

M&S: Motion to allow 11 individuals on hiring committee. Motion Seconded. Motion Approved

  • Increase for hourly employees

M&S: Proposal to increase the salary schedule  for the hourly employees by 2.48%. Motion Seconded. Motion Approved.

  • Action Items:

*Action Item* May Board meeting proposal to write and create policy for new Parent Co-Chair.

*Action Item* Add to April Council meeting agenda to vote in May for next Parent Co-Chair

  • Process Observer comments – this agenda item was omitted due to length of meeting
  • Will need a special meeting to approve hirings.  4/28 at 4:30PM. Special meeting approved and will be posted to Horizons calendar.
  • Next regularly scheduled meeting is Thursday, May 11th at 6 PM

The meeting adjourned at 8:35pm


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