Board Meeting: April 10, 2014

Facilitators, co­chairs: John and Danny

Time Keeper: Liz

Location and Time: Horizons K­8 Hub, 6­830pm

6:00 Call to order: Danny Conroy, John McCluskey, Rosemary McKnight, Ron Wawrzynek, Beth

Coleman, Nel Woller, Liz Meador, Kevin Holst, Nichole Houser, Laurie Braunstein. Jim Fruend.

Denise DellaRocco (ass’t secretary,minutes keeper). not present: Cheri Felix

Guests, Orion Poplawski.

6:11 Secretary’s report:

Approval of the minutes. Motion to approve, APPROVED.

6:15 Principal’s Report:

Chromebooks and cart have been ordered on paddle raiser. Grade level configuration, faculty

preparing for Council meeting on 4/17. Staffing, preference among team to add FTE, 1.0 and .2.

Consider implications of making additions to FTE and the budget vote at Council in May, will the

timing work out?

6:38 Treasurer’s Report:

Fund 11 budget and expenses, tracking as planned. Property and equipment discussed at FRC,

(CDE money needs to be spent by the end of June). Council funds, we do not have the auction

numbers in the budget yet. Anticipating numbers similar to last year’s event. Trending out the

next three years, the issue we have increasing red numbers (we can’t add students anymore).

This deficit has to be made up with funds from Council Budget, we didn’t this year because we

got the Best return. None of the numbers are exact, it is a general trend that is being predicted.

Address the revenue, it opens up more opportunities. Other revenue sources, programs (ex,

summer) in a business plan sense. Where do the ideas fall, who manages it? Board creates an

advisory task force, they report to the board, board approved, development committee.

7:06 New Business:

Board Membership, looking at 2 year term for parents (parents vote for parents, faculty decides

amongst teams). Proposal for 3 parents up for 1 year term and 3 parents for 2 year terms,

following May with 1 year term expiring, would be replaced with a 2 year term. Try to fine tune so

we don’t have 9 turnovers in May. Flexibility to faculty to say how they compose the board.

Amend 3.2(b)

Propose to insert the following language and replace sentence beginning as “Each director so

elected . . . . “: At time of his or her election, each director shall be assigned Class A or Class B,

and an effort shall be made to keep each class of directors of equal size. Each director shall

hold office for a term of two years, except that for the initial board at the May 2014 Board Meeting.

Directors in Class A have their term expire in 2015 (and every two years after) and Class B term

expires in 2016 (and every two years thereafter). The term shall commence on the first day of

the Fiscal Year and ending on the last day of such Fiscal Year, and thereafter until such

director’s successor shall have been appointed and qualified, or until such director’s earlier

death, resignation, or removal.

Approval to bring this to Council for concordance.

7:23 Committee Membership:

Get approval for committee charters and designate specific members to do work and bring the

work back to the board. The Board meetings are so short, we can’t do all the work together. This

is a standard non­profit in conjunction with our bylaws.

The Executive Committee, a group that should have some sense of oversight as well as to

review the corporate bylaws, coming up with training for incoming board members and helping

that group.

Finance Committee, goals for the committee are being fine tuned.

Development Committee, cheerleader for fundraising committee.

Faculty Committee, decision making body where the faculty is unable to reach concordance, act

in an advisory capacity.

Council and Council Board Membership Committees, community group, diversity and

fundraising committee. Technology, Grant Writing, Facilities, SAC/Big Picture Team, Revenue

Generating Committee.

Build membership from Council, but more directly related to the board. Are council board

committees comprised of board members? Charge the group with a task that reports to the


Motion to approve committee charters of the Council Board. APPROVED.

7:48, per section 3.12 make a motion to create a HK8 summer programming exploration

committee. (HSPEC) APPROVED.


Need to get financial procedures to FRC for next meeting.

Board members, what might serve best at Council? For people that don’t attend council, some

bullet points to come out to community. Q/A by team in whole group setting, not pull out.

Possibly group style with questions, addressed to faculty. Survey Monkey questions so teams

can see questions and prepare for meeting on Thursday. Frame the problem or improvement.

8:17 pm,

Hiring Process Approval,

FTE/position has to be approved.

There is a committee based on person being hired (instructional, non­instructional).

Changes will be made. Voted on before the Council meeting Thursday.

Meeting, Monday the 12th, approved.

Action Item, May’s meeting:

Name proposals for this body.

8:40pm, meeting adjourned

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