The information on this page will be updated. 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Horizons. We are grateful for all the time and positive energy volunteers dedicate to our school. There are many types of volunteer opportunities at Horizons including, but not limited to, classroom cleaning, parent liaisons, classroom assistance, school service days, special events, outdoor education, field trips, hearing and vision screening, and the Artastic fair.

Help At School Sign-Ups

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteering at schools has changed over the years and today, our focus necessarily needs to be on school and student safety while still providing plenty of opportunities for parent and volunteer support. Regularly scheduled classroom volunteers who will have contact with students, field trip drivers, and outdoor ed chaperones are required to have a current background check on file with the school. There are two ways to obtain a background check: You can do a yearly check through the TC LogiQ website (link below), or submit a fingerprint card. While the fingerprint card is initially more expensive, it does not need to be repeated annually. The TC LogiQ background screening must be repeated for each school year.  See below for details.

Not all volunteers are required to submit a background check — if you are doing work at home to support a teacher, such as scholastic orders, or you are an occasional volunteer bringing a snack into a classroom you do not need the background check.

For full details read BVSD’s volunteer policies.

Volunteers are also asked to fill out and submit the Volunteer Application Form supplied in the back-to-school packet (sent via email within a few weeks of school starting)

Yearly Screening (Each School Year)

You will be charged $17+ for a standard background check or $22.50 for a background check that enables you to drive students on a field trip. You must do this yearly within the current school year, starting July 1st. In order for us to receive your results, please make sure you put Horizons K-8 when asked what school you are volunteering for. You can list more than one school if you also volunteer at other schools.

Start a Background Check with TCLogiQ

Fingerprint Screening (One Time Only)

You may submit your fingerprints for a Colorado Bureau of Investigations screening. Once CBI screening is complete you do not need to do yearly background checks. This process must be completed specifically for Horizons K-8.  We are unable to accept the CBI screening from any other entity or institution.

Effective September 24, 2018, all Colorado fingerprinting has gone digital. An appointment needs to be made with the approved agency, IdentoGo. Please click on their website for location and appointment information. IdentoGo will accept all payments for the processing of your fingerprints. You will need the service code and our CBI account number when you schedule the appointment online, all information is listed below.
Schedule IdentoGo Appointment

Enter Service Code: 25YFV6

Horizons Account Number: CONCJ4573