The fully functioning operation of a successful and leading-edge charter school like Horizons K-8, requires all hands on deck.  If making a difference is something that motivates you on a daily basis, we ask that you consider putting your time, talent, and energy into supporting our school. Horizons K-8 is an outstanding example of a village that works together to raise our children. The roles outlined here are critical to our growth as a whole.

Horizons Board and Horizons Council – click for more information

BVSD District Committees

District Accountability Committee

We are currently looking for a parent to represent Horizons at the District Accountability meeting each month. This Boulder Valley School District Committee discusses school policy and makes recommendations directly to the Board of Education. There are several subcommittees of DAC, such as Budget, Schools of Choice, and School Climate. The Horizons Council votes to confirm the parent’s participation on DAC for a two­-year term. An update on the meeting is given at Council meetings.

District Parent Council

Our current DPC rep is Gena Welk. The District Parent Council meets once a month and is currently looking for a Horizons K-8 representative.  This group focuses on parent-led activities and information parent involvement at each school and district-wide. An update from this meeting is given at the monthly Council meetings.

Special Education Advisory Council

This group focuses on student support services district-wide.  We are seeking Horizons representation for this committee this year.

Horizons Board Committees

School Accountability Committee

2-3 parent volunteers join faculty on our School Accountability Committee. The SAC is responsible for analyzing school-wide data and making recommendations for school improvement.  The time commitment is approximately two hours a month.

Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for guiding and reviewing the fundraising, marketing, and promotion of Horizons K-8 and the development of a sound financial base for Horizons’ programs and activities.
As a part of their work, this group:

  • Reviews policies relating to the Development of long-term financial resources for the school.
  • Prepares for Council discussion any proposed policies for the development of financial resources, including capital campaigns, fundraising for annual operating support, gift acceptance and disposition, non-profit or profit-making earned income subsidiaries, planned giving, or special events.
  • Reviews policies relating to marketing activities that generate earned income and complement development efforts.
  • Develops and monitors annual fundraising plan and timeline per the budgeting timeline.
  • Review annual fundraising materials.
  • Participates in planning, organizing, hosting and/or sponsoring fundraising activities that support fundraising for annual operating purposes.
  • Oversees and integrates Council fundraising.

Finance Review Committee

Provides direction for the Board and Council regarding fiscal responsibility.

  • Regularly reviews the organization’s revenues and expenditures, balance sheet, tax returns, investments and other matters related to its continued solvency.
  • Responsible for the oversight of all of Horizons’ financial affairs and of investments made by Horizons and shall verify that investments are made in accordance with the investment policies and guidelines of Horizons.
  • Reviews and supports the preparation of the annual budget in cooperation with the Principal.  Submits a supplemental budget to Council, and full budget to Board for approval.
  • Reviews the management recommendation letter from the auditor and ensures follow up on any issues mentioned.
  •  Reviews the financial policies annually and recommends any needed changes to the full board.

Horizons Committees

Community Group (HCG)

Would you like to get to know your fellow parents better? Would you like to take part in fun social activities, enjoy educational opportunities, and be a member of a friendly, supportive network? Be a part of the Horizons Community Group.

The Horizons Community Group consists of people who want to build a strong, vibrant, socially active community here at Horizons. Our goal is to promote a philosophy of having fun, lifelong learning, community service, and personal connections.

There are four areas in which we feel we can make a difference for the Horizons Community. We can:

  • Promote social activities that emphasize building personal relationships and community.
  • Provide educational opportunities for students, parents, and families.
  • Suggest and promote community service projects in aid of our community and beyond.
  • Help our community to discover Horizons and the many wonderful opportunities that exist here.

We are also the PEN (Parent Engagement Network) voice for our school.

If you want to be added to the Horizons Community Group email list, please send an email to

Equity, Diversity and Belonging Committee

The Horizons Diversity and Inclusion Committee promotes diversity and inclusion throughout our school. We recognize, support, and explore the benefits diversity brings to the learning environment. We emphasize supporting our educators and community to ensure that all students and families feel valued and that they belong.

More specifically the Diversity and Inclusion Committee:

  • Helps ensure that students of all backgrounds and abilities and their families are valued and included
  • Supports faculty, staff, parents, and students in efforts to thread the value of diversity and inclusion into instruction and experiences at school
  • Crafts an annual plan to further Horizons’ efforts around diversity and inclusion
  • Reports regularly to Council on progress and plans for future work: incorporates feedback from Council into efforts
  • Meets monthly to discuss issues/topics of diversity and inclusion at Horizons K-8

We are an open committee that welcomes new members and ideas! Please join us at any of our meetings, which typically take place on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 3:45 pm and which are posted on the Horizons K-8 All School Community Calendar. If you are not able to participate in the meetings but would like to offer your insight and/or recommendations, please feel free to email

We strive to make Horizons K-8 a school where our respect for differences translates into opportunities to grow and where inclusion is practiced thoughtfully and consistently throughout our community.

Here is what our students say about what inclusiveness means at Horizons!!

  • It means our differences are ACCEPTED and not just tolerated. We get to be ourselves at Horizons.
  • It means our differences are celebrated!
  • It means we have pretty close relationships with other students, even if we’re not necessarily into the same thing.
  • It means we can be friends with lots of different kids.
  • It means we feel good walking into our classrooms and the lunchroom.
  • It means we get to participate in groups like ALLIES in which we learn about differences and get to educate other students as well.
  • It means we have buddies regularly and we then get to see our buddies in the hallways and out on recess and build relationships with them and we sometimes end up playing with kids much younger than us.
  • It means new kids, who haven’t been here since kindergarten, can come into our community and feel welcome.