Happy October Horizons Families,

The fall air is crisp and the school year feels full of growth, color, and excitement.  Our September at Horizons was focused upon community building and establishing a growth mindset as students explore new challenges. Students eagerly anticipate Outdoor Education trips, and return full of courage, altruism, and a heightened sense of cooperation. October finds students engaged in deepened learning and goal-setting.  

We hope you might be able to join us for a future Council meeting.  Council is an opportunity to meet new families, be involved in school initiatives, and learn about our programming.  Future meetings (6:30 – 8:00) dates are: November 15th and January 17th.  Watch Skylines announcements or visit our website here for Council information and agendas.

Learning in our building is alive with community norms and classroom routines, STEAM and art projects, reading and writing workshops, real-world math tasks and partnership between grades as students meet their buddies.

This renaissance year promises to be full of renewal and growth. In May, our BVSD bond project kicks into high gear, and students and families will walk into a new heart of school space and cafeteria. In addition, we’ll be turning our computer lab into a new flex learning space, expanding our maker culture. Some of our vintage systems will also experience an upgrade. A huge thank you to the teams of people who are working to make this a reality.

We hope to see everyone at our Annual Harvest Dance on Friday, October 26th at 5:30.  Join us for fun, dancing, costumes and a community celebration of our changing season!


Lauren and Cece