Horizons Board

The Horizons’ Board consists of six elected parent members, one administrator and five elected teachers.  Board members must be part of the Horizons community for at least two years.

The 2016-17 Board is co-­chaired by John McCluskey and Andrea Foote. Our Administrative Board member is John McCluskey. Teacher Board members are Jim Freund, Nichole Houser, Beth Coleman, Adam Brink, and Peter Hegelbach. Parent Board members include Anne Hudson, Shannon Hassan, Andrea Foote, Jill Siegel-Stone, Frank Bruno (treasurer), and Kelly Garrison.

Horizons Council

Horizons Council consists of any and all members of the Horizons community who attend council meetings. All members of the Horizons community have the right and the privilege to be part of the decision ­making process at Council meetings. Council meetings are held once a month, with the exception of June, July, August, and December. These meetings are co-­chaired by the Principal and the Parent Co-­Chair. Council agendas are published prior to the meeting so that all will have advance knowledge of the topics that will be discussed. All decisions made at Council meetings are made by “concordance” or total agreement to support the outcome. If concordance is not reached by those present at the meeting, the Horizons’ Board will be responsible for making a decision using the same concordance method. Parents are asked to attend Council at least once per year; many parents attend regularly.


Horizons was founded as, and continues to operate as, a teacher-led school.  As professional educators, our teachers are trusted to develop and implement curriculum that serves both the groups and the individuals in each classroom.  Teachers work to have an influence on the school that extends beyond their own classroom.  Horizons teachers understand that the student experience is enriched by educators who are involved in all facets of the school’s operations.

“Their vision extends beyond their own classroom, teams or departments. They recognize the school for the complex system it is and see that the students’ experience in school is a function of more than their instruction with individual teachers, it is influenced by the systems… and culture… in place in the school.”


Our principal works to support teacher leadership and an engaged parent community. As the Co-Chair of the Board and of the Council, our principal supports the school’s daily operations while keeping focus on our mission and vision. By assuming administrative and leadership duties, the principal allows teachers the space to stay close to the important work of being with children.