Horizons Board

The Horizons Board consists of six elected parent members, Head of School, Assistant Head of School, and four elected teachers.  Parent Board Directors must be part of the Horizons community for at least two years, and no less than 50% of Faculty Directors must be tenured at Horizons for 3 years.

22-23 Board Members: 

Peter Hegelbach, Stephanie Landrum, Fran Cohen, Adam Brink

Michael Ashmore, Chair,  Michael Tadros, Jessica Hogan, Allyson DeSart, Elizabeth Parady, Rob Horansky

Horizons Council

Horizons Council consists of any and all members of the Horizons community who attend council meetings. All members of the Horizons community have the right and the privilege to be part of the decision-­making process at Council meetings. Council meetings are held once a month, with the exception of June, July, and August. These meetings are co-­chaired by the Head of School and the Parent Co-­Chair. Council agendas are published prior to the meeting so that all will have advanced knowledge of the topics that will be discussed. All decisions made at Council meetings are made by “concordance” or total agreement to support the outcome. If concordance is not reached by those present at the meeting, the Horizons Board will be responsible for making a decision using the same concordance method. Parents are asked to attend Council at least once per year; many parents attend regularly.